5 Hair fall remedies that actually work

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Beautiful hair is defined as an individual’s crowning glory. Healthy and well-kept hair enhances one’s appearance and personality many folds. Our modern, technology driven lifestyle and fast paced lives adversely affect our hair, causing many hair related issues. One of the most common and chronic one being hair-loss. Hair-loss can be a serious problem because if not checked in time it can become irreversible; it can eventually lead to bald patches and even balding.


Though there can be various reasons for hair fall ranging from hormonal changes to deficiencies, we have put together some of the holistic hair fall remedies that will help you in redeeming your hair’s glory and reversing hair-loss.



Food has the power to heal, it is said that we can find many health cures in our very own kitchen pantry. Similarly for healthy hair we need to include the right kind of food elements that help in hair growth.

Protein is an essential building block for our hair; one of the reasons for hair loss can be lack of protein. For healthy and strong hair, it is important to increase the protein content. Try and include proteins from natural sources like chick peas, black beans, spinach, broccoli, curds, cottage cheese, soy etc.

Protein enriched diet will help you in strengthening your hair and in restoring hair growth.


2.Power of Nature:

Now a days use of too many chemically enhanced products leads to rapid hair fall. We end up harming our hair by using such harsh products, making our hair follicle weak, hair shafts brittle and can even cause rashes and bald patches.

Check the ingredient list of the hair care products before using them. Stay away from products that use mineral oil or silica. Make sure that the products have all-natural ingredients and no synthetic chemicals.

Many natural ingredients are known to stimulate hair growth and make hair follicle stronger. Such ingredients are widely used as hair fall remedies.

Below is a list of some of the well-known ingredients, next time you buy a hair care product you can look for these key ingredients:


  1. Wheat Germ: Wheat germ is rich in linoleic acid and vitamin B which helps in nourishing the scalp and promoting the formation of new hair tissue, leading to thick, healthy and long hair.
  2. Flaxseeds: Rich in Vitamin E prevents hair breakage, thinning and premature ageing.
  3. Amla: a household staple used as a hair fall remedy for good reason. Its phytonutrients help reduce hair fall, making hair thicker, shinier and longer.
  4. Brahmi: The growth-stimulating alkaloids in Brahmi strengthen hair follicles from within and give you luscious, thick and voluminous hair.
  5. Bhringraj: an age-old Ayurvedic hair fall remedy that controls hair loss by stimulating the follicles and promoting hair growth.
  6. Hibiscus: Another ingredient rich in tocopherols, hibiscus helps in stimulating hair regrowth and aiding hair fall control.

3.Hair Oiling:

Nature Nuskha Oiling

One of the age old and most approved hair fall remedies is oiling your hair. Oiling your hair few times a week not only nourishes your hair, it also increases the blood circulation; resulting in stronger hair follicles. Nourishment of the scalp with the right kind of oils is important. You should avoid any kind of oils that have chemicals in form of additives, fragrances or colour.


Oils that are known to benefit the hair growth and reduce hair fall are:

  1. Avocado oil: A moisturising ingredient that repairs and strengthens your hair by sealing cuticle cells and nourishing the hair strands.
  2. Onion seed oil: Onion naturally contains sulphur which promotes collagen production, keeping hair healthy, reducing breakage and stimulating new hair growth.
  3. Jojoba Oil: Known as an elixir for hair fall control, jojoba oil is rich in various vitamins and minerals
  4. Sesame oil: The Cascuta Reflexa complex in the sesame oil is an effective hair fall remedy against excessive hair loss.
  5. Rosemary oil: Rosemary oil is a hair stimulating essential oil that is known to aid hair fall control.
  6. Clove oil: It stimulates the hair follicles and increases blood flow to the scalp, thereby promoting hair growth.


Use of one or more of the above oils will definitely help you enhance hair growth and reverse hair-fall.


3.Hair Hygiene:

Nature Nuskha Shampoo

To make sure that you get maximum benefits from the hair fall remedies, it is imperative to maintain clean hair and scalp. Shampooing your hair at least two – three times a week is essential as it ensures that your scalp is free of dirt and grime. This also helps keeping your hair dandruff free; dandruff that is scaling of your scalp can cause a havoc on your hair. It is important to not only wash your hair thoroughly but make sure to use the right shampoo that is not too harsh and has ingredients that nourish the scalp. Remember to shampoo your hair only after oiling as it ensures that your hair is well nourished and not stripped off the moisture.



Along with fortifying your hair internally, it is crucial that hair is protected from external factors as well. Below are a few do’s and don’ts to make sure your hair is well taken care of.

  1. Avoid combing your hair when it is wet as it causes hair breakage.
  2. Make sure not to dry your hair with high temperature tools.
  3. Avoid excessive use of heat styling tools like straighteners and curlers.
  4. Protect your hair from the harsh sun rays by using a hair scarf or a hat
  5. Use a good natural hair mist to keep the hair moisturised and provide a shield to hair shaft.

Hair mists are a great hair care product that due to dispersion of liquid spreads evenly through hair strands. The mist keeps hair protected from harsh sun rays, air pollutants and keeps the moisture locked. It also protects the scalp from collecting unwanted dust and grime.



Nature Nuskha Destress

Our high stress environment with busy schedules, work pressure, commuting and other external elements adversely affect our health and hair as well. It is important that we unwind and let the body release these accumulated stresses. Indulging in activities like yoga, breathing exercises, and spending time amidst nature can help you relax.

Also, activities like yoga are known to benefit hair growth, there are a few asanas that help the blood circulate towards your hair follicle and accelerate hair growth.

Below we have mentioned few such Yoga poses :

  • Adho mukha savasana (downward facing dog pose)
  • Sarvangasana (shoulder stand)
  • Uttanasana (forward bending camel pose)
  • Ustrasana (back bending camel pose)
  • Sirsasana (head stand)

Do make sure that you follow the right practitioner while attempting these poses as they require practice and assistance.


Making the right choices while eating, using products with natural ingredients, maintaining proper hair hygiene and destressing will make sure that your hair is healthy and will definitely help in reversal of chronic hair fall.

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