6 Essential monsoon hair fitness tips for you!!

Monsoon hair fitness Nature Nuskha

After months of scorching heat, we all wait with bated breath for some refreshing rains. Monsoon is one of the most beautiful seasons alleviating us from the stinging sun and heat. But with the lovely cooling weather, comes along the unwarranted effects of humidity on our hair. Frizzy and unmanageable hair, scalp irritations and hair loss are also quite common during this period. Thus hair fitness during monsoons is essential!


Below are some useful tips to help you maintain your beautiful hair this monsoon season :


1.Keep your hair dry

In this weather it takes longer to air dry your hair. If hair is wet for a long time, it makes the strands more prone to breakage. Keeping the hair wet for long also promotes fungal growth leading to hair fall.

Try and dry your hair as soon as possible after your hair wash. You can use low temperature or cold blast hair dryers to protect your hair from heat while drying.


2.Products with antifungal & antibacterial properties

During monsoons our scalp stays wet longer due to the humidity. This creates a hospitable condition for bacterial and fungal growth. This can lead to itching, scabs, scaling, dandruff and rashes. To keep these issues away, it is important to use products that have natural antifungal and antibacterial ingredients like –


Neem: Well known to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Neem maintains the pH balance keeping the scalp healthy and dandruff free.

Orange peel: Orange peel is rich in vitamin C and has strong anti-microbial properties that keeps dandruff in control. It also helps in making the hair shiny, softer and bouncy.

Camphor: It has excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that keep the scalp clean and irritation free.

Berpatti:  Berpatti cleanses the scalp by eliminating bacterial growth that leads to dandruff. Hence, it is a vital ingredient for anti-dandruff remedies.


3.Trim Those Locks

Monsoon Hair Fitness Nature Nuskha

Trimming your hair is a great way to keep your hair healthy, free of split ends and avoid hair loss. But especially in rains it is easier to maintain shorter hair than long. Longer the hair, longer it takes to dry and difficult to manage the frizz. You can cut couple of inches of your locks for a fresh look and well-maintained hair this monsoon season.


4.Oils to manage frizzy hair:

Monsoon Hair Fitness Nature Nuskha 3

When there is high humidity in the air like in monsoon, there is high concentration of water molecules, which are rich in hydrogen atoms. Due to high hydrogen content in air, hair cuticles break the shaft bonds to trap the hydrogen. This is the reason that in rains hair becomes frizzy. When you oil your hair, it keeps the hair shafts intact and conditions the hair and avoids over drying while hair wash. The oils used during monsoon need to be light in texture and not too heavy. Also, it is important that these oils have conditioning properties. Thus what you need is Nature Nuskha’s Oil plus enriched with 13 botanical ingredients like :


Pea Protein Extract:

Pea protein extract helps to form a protective layer on the hair strands that prevents breakage. Moreover, it reconstructs the damaged shaft, and keeps it hydrated and shiny.

Avocado Oil:

A moisturising ingredient that repairs and strengthens your hair by sealing cuticle cells and nourishing the hair strands.


Known as an elixir for hair fall control, jojoba oil is rich in various vitamins and minerals that moisturise the scalp and keeping dandruff at bay.


Rich in Vitamin E prevents hair breakage, thinning and premature ageing.


5.Oil massage for hair growth:

Bacterial and fungal growth is common during the monsoon due to increased humidity. But increased washing and treating of hair makes hair prone to hair fall. It is necessary to massage your hair with growth stimulating oils to stimulate follicle growth and reverse hair fall. At least twice a weak hair massage will alleviate the hair fall woes. Some of the oil ingredients that promote hair growth are:


Tocopherol: this is one of the key ingredients that promotes hair growth and even helps in reverse greying. It effectively prevents hair from free radical damage.

Sesame Oil: The emollient sesame oil keeps soothes and nourishes the scalp while enhancing the quality and shine of hair strands. Sesame oil is an effective remedy against excessive hair fall.

Clove: Clove contains an aromatic and highly beneficial chemical compound known as eugenol. It stimulates the hair follicles and increases blood flow to the scalp, thereby promoting hair growth.

Rosemary: Rosemary oil is a hair stimulating essential oil that is known to aid hair fall control.

Hibiscus Extracts: Ingredient rich in tocopherols, hibiscus helps in stimulating hair regrowth and aiding hair fall control.


6.After wash protection:

It is important to protect your hair after washing and drying from the humidity. To protect hair externally, it is important to use light potion that forms a shield around each hair shaft. Hair mist is a great product to protect your hair strands. Hair mist is a light concoction of right ingredients that evenly covers your scalp and hair strands to form a protective layer. Nature Nuskhas Onion hair mist is packed with more than 6 anti-microbial and conditioning herbal extracts like :


Glycerine: Replete with powerful antioxidants, this ingredient acts as a natural humectant and treats all kinds of hair-related woes. It can provide deep conditioning to your scalp, prevent breakage and keep unwanted frizz at bay.

Onion : Nourishes scalp for healthy hair growth


There will be many times that this swooning weather would entice you to take a walk in the rain. You should not shy away from enjoying the rains, follow the above tips to protect your hair and make the most of this beautiful weather.

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