6 Reasons Why Our Onion Hair Mist Will be Your Hair’s New Best Friend!

Onion Hair Mist Benefits

Our world has changed drastically in the last few decades. Industries, construction, global warming and depleting ozone layer have become hard facts of our lives. On an everyday basis, our bodies have to fight various pollutants. We shield our skin from harsh sun rays and pollution, using sunscreen.


Even our hair gets affected by these facets. Our scalp and delicate hair shafts absorb these pollutants, resulting in hair breakage, scalp irritation, hair fall etc. The dust and micro particles from our environments settle on our scalp and cause dandruff and other scalp infections.


But how do we protect our hair? This is where our Hair Fitness nourishing mists come to the rescue. Our anti dandruff hair mist uniformly spreads through each hair strand. The hair follicles absorb the mist and get saturated, thus forming a protective layer on the scalp leaving no room for further absorption of pollutants. Further, mists form a thin layer over the scalp which in turn helps in improving the breathing of the scalp. This is essential for the adequate blood circulation making sure that the harmful substances don’t affect our hair.


Why Nature Nuskha’s Onion Hair Mist?

Onion Hair Mist is an elixir we created to save you from all your hair woes, the star ingredient of it being onion extract. The benefits of onion extract have been lauded for centuries in the ancient science of Ayurveda. But lately, its benefits are scientifically proven and backed by ample research, which is why it makes for an effective anti dandruff hair mist.


Nature Nuskha has created an onion hair mist that imparts these benefits to your hair, while keeping it simple and perfect for daily use. Here’s why you will love our hair mist:

  1. It keeps scalp infections at bay

Due to the antibacterial properties of onions, our onion hair mist acts as an anti-bacterial agent and keeps nasty bacterial infections away keeping your scalp squeaky clean.


  1. It counters premature greying of hair

Air pollution, hard water and various other chemical pollutants like hair colours or harsh dyes can cause free radicals to be created. These free radicals are the major cause of greying of the hair. Onion hair mist has anti-oxidants that counter these free radicals and prevents the greying and damage caused by them. Not only that, the onion hair mist can actually reverse the greying of the hair due to the existence of a chemical called catalase. Catalase counters the production of free radicals at the roots of hair, preventing them from turning grey.


  1. It conditions the hair naturally

Onion hair mist has beneficial enzymes that unlocks nourishment for hair, making them healthier. It naturally acts as a conditioner as it smoothens out the texture and makes the hair bouncy.


  1. It has no off-putting scent

Despite the ingredients present, our onion hair mist doesn’t have a strong fragrance making it inconspicuous on application.


  1. It’s perfect for daily use

You can apply our anti dandruff hair mist during day time and go about your routine without worrying about hair looking oily and sticky. Moreover, as it comes in a spray form, it is easy and quick to apply.


  1. It’s travel-friendly

The packaging of the bottle is designed keeping in mind your convenience, you can use the onion hair mist while traveling and store it without any spillage.


To increase the potency of our anti dandruff hair mist, it also has other nourishing ingredients like Pea Protein Extract, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Berpatti and Neem. Neem and Onion extracts acts as a excellent disinfectant for infection and dandruff. The hair mist also contains glycerine which acts as a humectant that retains moisture during the day thus avoiding itchy scalp.These ingredients form an essential component of your hair fitness routine, making your hair healthy and strong. These ingredients are well known for promoting hair growth, strengthening hair follicle, combating hair fall and dandruff.


Why choose mists over oils and serums for daily use

Oils are heavy in nature and sticky in texture. If you oil your hair and step out, the oil will act like a magnet for dust particles. This will cause particles to stick and form sediments on your scalp, causing scalp infections and chronic dandruff. On the other hand, our Hair Fitness Nourishing hair mist is lighter and non-sticky, so it doesn’t let dust particles settle on your scalp. Also, unlike oil, you can leave mist in your hair during the day as well, providing nourishment to your hair for longer time.


Similarly, serums are only meant to condition your hair strands and are supposed to be used sparsely. Serums do not coat your scalp or full lengths of your hair. The main goal of hair serums is to tame flyaway hair and decrease frizz. You cannot use the serums on scalp as the heavy chemicals might adversely affect your scalp by clogging the hair follicles. Our Hair Fitness Onion hair mist, while protecting your hair, also condition the hair shafts and scalp. This not only helps to protect your hair but also keeps the frizz away.


Using our hair mist gives you the best of both worlds – the nourishing benefits of an oil and the aesthetic benefits of a serum – without any hassle, making it the perfect daily-use hair fitness product for you!

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