7 Essential Nutrients for Hair Growth and Their Sources

Hair growth nutrients by Nature Nuskha

It’s a fairly well-known fact – you need food to grow. Since you were a baby, you’ve had wholesome and balanced meals to make sure you get the right nutrients grow more, keep all the systems in your body going, and to simply stay happy and healthy. The same applies to our hair, too.


Of course, the needed nutrients for hair growth may be found in your meals, but in today’s rushed lifestyle, you’re bound to miss out on the right balance and requirement of nutrients. This gives rise to the need of nourishing topical applicants like a hair growth oil, hair mist, nutrient-packed shampoos, and more.


At Nature Nuskha, we recognise that these nutrients are abundantly available in nature, and do our best to reap its maximum benefits. We use dozens of herbal ingredients derived from plant leaves, fruits, seeds, flowers, and roots, and use those extracts to formulate our line of hair fitness products.


Here are some of the best nutrients for hair growth that will help you rejuvenate your locks:


  1. Best nutrients for hair growth: Protein
    Protein, or more specifically keratin, is the basic building block for healthy hair. Natural sources like pea protein extract help in rebuilding keratin and making the hair thicker and more voluminous by strengthening the hair follicles. Our hair growth oil, mist, and shampoo are enriched with pea protein extract to make for the best hair fitness range available.


  1. Best nutrients for hair growth: Iron
    Present in various natural extracts like the ones from sesame and bhringraj, iron ensures a healthy flow of oxygen-rich blood to the scalp. The oxygen nourishes and feeds the cells in your scalp, helping them maintain a good and thick growth of hair.

  2. Best nutrients for hair growth: Omega fatty acids
    Omega-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids form a part of the natural sebum produced by your hair. Found in many hair growth oils like jojoba and argan, these fatty acids mimic sebum and penetrate deep into the scalp, nourishing it from within.

  3. Best nutrients for hair growth: Vitamin B
    Vitamin B, prominently present in avocado, helps in the genesis of red blood cells that ultimately nourish the cells in your scalp. A healthy scalp means healthier hair growth, more elastic and strong hair, and decreased hair fall.

  4. Best nutrients for hair growth: Vitamin C
    Vitamin C from orange peels and argan oil boosts collagen production in your scalp. It ensures the health and growth of hair follicles, that in turn grow newer hair strands. It also helps cells in absorbing iron, which we already know is essential to maintain you hair’s health from root to tip.

  5. Best nutrients for hair growth: Vitamin E

Flaxseeds are rich in vitamin E, which is essential for hair fitness. Flaxseed promotes the health of the scalp by improving the circulation in the head. This in turn promotes hair growth and also prevents premature hair greying.


Tocopherols are organic compounds many of which have Vitamin E. It is an essential nutrient for many body processes. These are known to be potent antioxidants. Antioxidants improves blood circulation in the scalp. Enhanced blood circulation conditions the hair strands from root to shaft. Vitamin E also repairs dry and damaged hair follicles, promoting hair growth.


  1. Best nutrients for hair growth: Zinc
    Jojoba oil and yellow peas are also rich in an essential micronutrient needed for hair growth – zinc. Zinc makes sure that your hair follicles remain strong, thereby reducing hair fall, and also regulate the production of sebum. Sebum helps in moisturising the scalp, keeping it well-nourished to prevent dandruff and hair fall.



So there you have it, the best nutrients that will give you the hair of your dreams. Shop Nature Nuskha’s range of hair fitness products, including oils, mists, shampoos, and more that are packed with these essential nutrients, all derived from nature.

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