Goodbye Hair Gel, Serum and Oil, use Onion Hair Mist daily and give full nourishment to your hair.

Hair Fitness Nourishing Mists Onion

We’ve had an age-old, household staple routine for hair care that’s been used for generations – oiling. Different oils made from some of nature’s most nutrient-rich ingredients like coconut, onion, almond, and more impart their benefits to your hair strands and scalp when they’re massaged in and left for a few hours to be absorbed.


In today’s hubbub, this essential hair fitness routine has seen a decline. We tend to reach for styling products that make our hair look sleek on the outside and rarely ever find time to take care of and strengthen our hair from the inside. Leaving in these heavy oils throughout the day also isn’t an option. It can drastically affect our appearance, but can also act as a strong magnet for dust and dirt, which settle onto the scalp and cause more harm than good.


More particularly, the lack of daily upkeep of hair has severely affected men’s hair health, as they tend to use heavier products like clays, gels and mousses that contain copious amounts of silicone. Such chemicals can clog pores, damage the hair shaft and lead to problems like severe hair fall, dandruff and greying.


Additionally, daily damage from dust and other micro-pollutants make matters much worse. These particles, which are present all around us, can rupture the scalp and hair shafts, leaving the hair dry, frizzy, split, and fragile. What is needed in our hair fitness routines now is something that can repair and reverse the damage caused, while providing ample protection to prevent further worsening.

Onion Hair Mist

Nature Nuskha’s onion hair mist serves this exact purpose. The star ingredient, onion extract, is rich in sulphur, an ingredient that boosts collagen production. This collagen in turn increases the production of healthy cells, keeping your scalp happy, nourished and dandruff-free. The anti dandruff mist also contains other ingredients like pea protein extract, berpatti, orange peel and many more, that help in reversing damage, repairing cells, protecting the scalp from microbes and pollution and accelerating hair growth. The hair mist also contains glycerine which acts as a humectant that retains moisture during the day thus avoiding itchy scalp.


Our onion hair mist is made to be sprayed onto your hair and stay put throughout the day to give your hair the nourishment it needs day in and day out. It leaves no sticky residue like an oil, so it can easily slip into your routine before you step out. Ideally, the onion hair mist must be applied after using a mild cleansing shampoo. This allows the product to seep in and provide intense nourishment like any other oil. When used daily, you will notice fuller hair growth, thicker hair, lesser frizziness and increased shine.

Hair Fitness Onion Hair Mist

To wrap it up, here’s why you will love our anti dandruff mist:

It’s chemical-free – Our products are free from any synthetic chemicals that are harmful for your scalp and hair. Our onion hair mist is 100% natural and brings the most benefits to you in a convenient way.

It’s tried & tested – Our products are tested and approved; hence they are safe to use and are effective as claimed.

It has zero side effects – Our products are purely powered by nature. As we have no harmful chemicals added to our formulations, this makes the anti dandruff mist safe to use.

Easy application – Keeping in mind today’s busy lives, we have created an onion hair mist that is easy to use, gives you the benefits of an oil and allows you to flaunt your hair as you wish.

Convenient packaging – We have kept our packaging keeping in mind our consumers convenience. Our onion hair mist comes in spill free bottles that are easy to store and use.

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