Hair styling for men that won’t leave your hair damaged!

Hair fitness nourishing mist

Much of the confidence you need in your day-to-day life comes from your appearance, and your hair plays a major role in that. Hair styling has been one of the cornerstones of fashion and is just as important wearing good clothes or sporting great footwear. Heat styling tools, serums, hair gels, setting creams, and styling sprays have been staples for setting hair in a wide variety of styles.


Hair styling for men: the ugly truth

As important it is to have well-groomed hair, most of these styling tools and products have adverse side effects. Heating is notorious for causing the hair to become brittle and add onto hair fall, but it’s the seemingly harmless gels and creams that most men use that can cause problems much worse, sometimes even balding over a period.


Many hair gels for men contain alcohol and harsh silicones to give the hair better hold and to make styling easier. These chemicals can turn to be extremely abrasive and dry out your hair and scalp out to the point of diminishing sebum production and causing extreme dandruff. The dandruff then builds up on your scalp, clogging pores and damaging hair follicles, leading to excessive hair fall that may lead to a receding hair line or balding. It also causes the hair to become rough, dry, and prone to even more damage.


So, should we give up on hair styling for men?

Absolutely NOT. You shouldn’t have to compromise on your self-expression and confidence, but neither should you harm your hair and scalp health. Now that you know what damage these styling products can cause, it’s time to switch to an option that is more nurturing while providing you the best in style.


Nature Nuskha’s Nourishing Hair Mist is formulated made keeping in mind the modern millennial and their styling needs. This mist is made with 100% natural ingredients like pea protein extract, berpatti, orange peel and other anti-microbial and conditioning ingredients. The protective ingredients shield your hair from harmful pollutants while the nourishing ingredients repair the damage caused chemical-heavy products like styling gels, creams, sprays, and heat, and naturally nurses your hair back to its shiny, thick, and healthy self.


The mist comes in a convenient spray bottle that ensures quick and easy application. It also reduces the chances of spills, making it travel-friendly, allowing you to carry it with you wherever you go and fix your hair in a matter of seconds.


After a hair wash, it can simply be sprayed onto towel dried hair as you style them the way you wish. It helps in holding the hair in its place by reducing frizz and moisturising the hair strands from within. What’s unique about the hair mist is that in addition to its protective and styling qualities, it also imparts nutrients like various vitamins and proteins without any chip -chip. This means that you can enjoy natural nourishment without worrying about oily, weighed-down hair.


You can experience the vast benefits of our hair mist and other natural and nourishing products like our herbal shampoo, hair oil, and more. Shop for Nature Nuskha’s range of hair fitness products on our website.

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