Handling Hair Problems In Winter Is Imperative.


As winter sets in, you see yourself losing a lot of more hair in the shower and while brushing than you normally do. Just as the health of your skin is directly related to the change in seasons, similarly your hair is also sensitive to changes in weather.


The reason you suffer from an excessive amount of hair loss in the winter is that the dry air outside sucks out all the moisture from your scalp thus making it dry. A dry scalp leads to dry hair which in turn results in breakage and hair fall. Increase in dandruff is an obvious outcome of scalp dryness. Irritability and itching of the scalp follows hair dryness.


This situation can be handled without panic by overcoming the deficient moisture in the scalp. One needs to add oil massages to their routine, consume the right vitamins and other essential nutrients and most importantly, use the appropriate hair care solutions. While choosing hair care solutions for winter, one needs to be selective about products with natural, nourishing, moisturizing and hair strengthening formulations. Using effective hair care products is the fastest way to overcome hair and scalp problems in winters.


The goodness of pea protein extract, berpatti, neem, onion, brahmi, cardamom, glycerine, shankhpushpi and bhringraj help nourishing and conditioning the scalp and thereby strengthening the hair. They are also effective in elimination of dandruff from the scalp when used regularly in winters.


The goodness of oils jojoba, argan, camphor, rosemary, clove, and flaxseed improve blood circulation and thereby enhance the overall health of the scalp. They also help to strengthen the hair follicles and bring about strong hair. A healthy scalp can withstand climatic changes effectively and efficiently.


The day and night care combination of the Hair Fitness Nourishing Mist and Hair Fitness Oil Plus works on these guidelines of wellness for hair. It sanctifies itself as the hair care solution for all needs of the hair. Being a solution enriched with goodness of natural ingredients and being clinically proven, it ensures to address all problems for the hair associated with the winter season.

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