Onion Shampoo with a difference – Top Onion Shampoo benefits

Onion Shampoo benefits by Nature Nuskha

Are you noticing more and more strands of your hair fall as your run your hands through it? Or is there way too much fallen hair in your combs or bathroom drains? This is more common than you think. The biggest problem faced by most individuals today is hair fall.


Unfortunately, it’s a given with rising levels of pollution, surmounting stress, and drastic lifestyle changes. Over and above these factors, many tend to opt for chemical-laden shampoos that promise lesser hair fall but leave you with damaged and brittle hair instead.


With our hair care shelves filling up with harmful chemicals, it’s growing increasingly important to recognise the benefits of natural products, like an onion shampoo for hair growth and dandruff control. Nature Nuskha’s Onion Shampoo is not just any hair fall control shampoo – along with the star ingredient, onion, it’s packed with the goodness of pea protein, shikakai, neem, and more.


Onion is widely used as a hair fall treatment, but when used in tandem with the right ingredients, it can truly offer a holistic and powerful solution that helps hair regrowth, reduces dandruff, prevents greying, adds shine, and reduces frizz. We have carefully studied each ingredient that goes into our hair fall control shampoo and formulated it with precise a combination of each of those ingredients. If you’re wondering what they are and how they help you achieve the hair of your dreams, read on!


  • Onion shampoo hair benefits

Onion is packed with dietary sulphur. It’s one of the building blocks of our body’s chemistry and helps in restoring damaged hair follicles by helping the production of keratin. Healthy hair follicles ensure a steady growth of hair and also a higher density of hair strands, making the hair thicker, more voluminous, and luscious. A healthy scalp is also key to reduced hair fall and strong, silky hair. Healthier amounts of keratin also get rid of split ends and frizziness, and prevents premature greying.


  • Onion shampoo hair benefits in combination with Shikakai

Adding onto the essential nutrients imparted by onion is shikakai. Shikakai is rich in vitamins A, C, E, and K, making it one of the most nutrient-dense ingredients in our shampoo. It’s an effective anti-microbial ingredient, which means that it can drastically reduce dandruff and itchiness of the scalp. Dandruff, other than being a massive problem in itself, also causes hair fall by clogging and damaging the pores of your scalp. By reducing dandruff and boosting your hair full of nutrients, shikakai helps in reducing hair fall and aiding new hair regrowth.


  • Onion shampoo hair benefits in combination with Neem

Neem has been a staple in Ayurveda’s hair care repertoire, and for good reason. When used in combination with onion, it creates an ideal environment for hair growth by keeping the scalp clean and balanced. Neem predominantly helps in balancing the pH of your hair and maintaining it between the ideal range between 4.5 and 5.5. This chemical balance of the scalp and hair is quintessential for ideal hair growth as it is least conducive for bacteria and other unwanted microbes that cause damage to your hair. This leads to lower amounts of dandruff and hair fall, making neem essential to keeping your hair strong and healthy.


  • Onion shampoo hair benefits in combination with Pea protein extract

Just how the sulphur present in onions helps in rebuilding keratin, pea protein adds onto this important process. Pea protein is a high quality and potent source of protein derived from yellow peas. Pea protein is one of the richest vegan sources of protein and provides massive amounts of nutrition to your hair and scalp when applied topically. The amino acids present in pea protein help in rebuilding keratin, in a way similar to the sulphur present in onions. By rebuilding the keratin, it makes the hair stronger from within and less prone to damage and breakage.


  • Onion shampoo hair benefits in combination with Brahmi

Brahmi is an excellent stimulant for your scalp. What this means is that it encourages the flow of blood to your scalp, ensuring that the cells get a healthy and steady supply of nutrients and oxygen essential to keeping the hair fit and strong. This is in addition to the onion present in the shampoo that maintains the health of hair follicles. This process is also akin to massaging the scalp with oil to encourage blood flow to the scalp that helps in hair regrowth and keeping infections at bay.


Using a natural onion shampoo for your hair is an excellent choice, but it is also important to recognise other ingredients that power up the potency and benefits of onions to create a superior hair care product.


You, too, can experience the wide range of benefits for your hair, completely derived from nature, by using Nature Nuskha’s range of hair fitness products, including oils, hair mists, shampoos, and more. Shop for our range of products on our website.


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