Pea Protein Extract Is Highly Essential For Healthy Hair


Hair loss affects millions of people worldwide. Most of the currently available treatment options are dissatisfying due to side effects or limited efficacy. Pea protein extract has shown substantial improvement in hair density when applied topically, although the result and effectiveness upon oral administration remain unknown. A subsequent pilot nutrition study has proved that pea protein extract is most effective when applied topically.


Consumption as a dietary supplement may also help to a limited extent. Research shows that pea protein extract is an effective means to safely promote hair growth and reduce hair loss in individuals experiencing excessive hair  shedding without adverse side effects.


Pea protein extract is the powerhouse of nutritional values for hair

Pea protein extract contains various nutrients and vitamins including vitamin C, zinc and iron, which are excellent not only for the hair but also for the skin and body. Vitamin C is essential for formulation of collagen, which aids optimal hair growth. Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to dry, brittle hair which breaks easily.


Another prominent benefit of pea protein extract is to stimulate hair from the roots. It is beneficial for hair growth as it feeds the scalp and hair with essential nutrients and antioxidants to refresh and revitalize hair from the root.


Studies have shown that pea protein extract can also help to shorten the telogen phase of the hair growth cycle by helping to strengthen hair follicle stem cells. Pea extract is a healthy and vibrant ingredient in the hair care formulations.


Ensure the right pick for gorgeous looking hair

Each one of us seeks safe, natural ingredients to soothe hair loss and ensure healthy looking hair. We highly recommend to shop hair care products after understanding the composition and list of the ingredients of the product thoroughly as your wrong selection of hair care products can adversely affect your hair in many ways.

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