Protein Is The Lifeline Of Our Hair


Every single strand of hair is made up of protein fibre, which means that it requires an adequate dose of protein to grow. Low consumption of protein makes your body ration the quantity available by cutting off the supply to the hair follicles. Similarly, adequate protein makes the hair look and feel fabulous. Every cell requires protein for life. They are needed for tissue repair and for the construction of new tissues.

Signs of hair with scarce protein

When one witnesses high porosity of hair or excessive hair fall, inelastic or damaged hair, it is a clear indication of protein scarcity in the scalp. Inadequate supply of protein to the hair follicles curtails new hair growth. Also, the existing volume of hair starts depleting and gets dry and brittle when the protein supply to the hair follicles is irregular and insufficient.

Which protein is best for hair growth?

Keratin is a fibrous structural protein that makes up your hair. Lots of protein-rich foods and biotin help in the synthesis of this protein. Hair cuticles absorb keratin and make the hair look full and glossy with protein treatments. Sufficient amounts of keratin in the hair make the hair less frizzy and less prone to damage. A wholesome protein rich diet supplemented with yoga and exercise reduces the threat of hair damage of any type.

Simple measures to treat protein-deficient hair

Experts state that the daily protein intake should be more than a quarter of the daily calorie for healthy hair. Let’s get realistic – in today’s eventful lifestyle, does one have an appropriate intake of nutrients? Choosing to use protein-rich topical hair care products to compensate deficits of protein is a wise step one needs to take for the simplicity of hair care. Regular use of topical protein-rich hair care products is the easiest way to overcome routine hurdles for intake of healthy food for healthy hair. Proteins are the most vital element of your hair strands. Dietary proteins, supplements of protein and protein-rich hair care products are all incredible ways to add protein to the hair. Moreover, use of protein-rich products with 100% natural ingredients treats the hair accurately and effectively without any side effects. Although numerous promising products in the market claim to restore hair loss and hair health, one needs to opt for natural protein-rich hair care products. This would help to curtail further hair damage and truly revitalize the hair. While doing so, we strongly advocate thoroughly going through the list of ingredients mentioned on the product pack. This would clarify the product sanctity and it’s achievability. There you go wisely, with stronger and healthier hair!

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