The 5 Benefits of Pea Protein for your Hair That You Didn’t Know

Pea Protein Hair Fitness

We all want to achieve the hair of our dreams, be it the ones looking to fight baldness and hair fall or those wanting thick and shiny tresses. Between our hectic schedules and chemical-heavy products that promise us the best but leave us with the worst, meeting these hair goals seems more and more unattainable with each day. We blame the lack of time and inaccessibility to salon-grade products for the downfall of our hair’s health when all we truly need is a switch to a healthier alternative in our daily lives.


Natural herbal products impart nutrients required to rejuvenate, repair, and revive your hair in a gentle, harmless manner. Small changes like opting for a natural shampoo instead of your regular chemical-based one, using oils that contain the right mixture of herbal extracts instead of perfumes and colours or using topical products like mists that are enriched with nature’s protective and regenerative ingredients instead of gels and synthetic serums all make a huge difference.


These natural products are also effective in imparting the most important nutrient to your hair – protein. For natural hair products, proteins can be derived from milk, wheat, nuts, and many others, the most potent and effective one being pea protein.


What is pea protein?

Fundamentally, pea protein is the high-quality protein obtained from ground yellow peas, making it an excellent vegan source of protein both for topical use and consumption. It is also a great source of iron, zinc, vitamin C, and amino acids.

Recent research shows that topical application of pea protein onto your hair can bring phenomenal improvement in the hair’s health, texture, volume, and appearance.


Here are the top 5 benefits of pea protein for your hair


  1. It repairs and prevents damage

Our hair is made from a protein known as keratin, which is produced by our hair follicles. Heat and chemical exposure damage this keratin and cause the hair to become brittle, leading to frizzy and dull hair. The amino acids present in pea protein play a vital role in repairing that damage, rebuilding keratin, and further strengthening the strands, preventing any further damage.


  1. It promotes hair growth

As we’ve established earlier, keratin is the foundation of strong and beautiful hair. The production of keratin can be boosted with the help of amino acids from pea protein, that not only repairs the hair, but also encourages growth of healthy hair. Some studies also suggest that pea protein helps in shortening the hair growth cycle – particularly the telogen or resting phase of the hair follicles – and thus makes hair grow faster.


  1. It imparts nutrients essential for hair fitness

Just like our bodies, our hair needs a certain amount of nutrients to stay fit and healthy. Pea protein obviously gives our hair the kick of protein it needs, but it also imparts nutrients like iron, zinc, and vitamin C which further aid collagen production, hair growth, reduction of dandruff, and protection from microbes.


  1. It keeps your hair hydrated

Being well hydrated and moisturized is not just an essential for our skin, it’s a principle that applies to our hair, too. Well hydrated hair is more flexible and supple, making it less prone to breakage and split ends. Pea protein is known to prevent the hair from drying out, especially when exposed to pollutants and heat.


  1. It adds shine

When our hair is damaged, it loses its structure and begins to appear dull and dry. As it helps rebuild the hair with its reformative properties, pea protein also helps in making the hair appear shinier and thicker. It provides a strong and healthy foundation for hair which reflects in its appearance as well.


Nature Nuskha has recognized the vital role pea protein plays in maintaining your hair fitness and improving your hair’s appearance. Our products are enriched with this ingredient to make effective solutions for all your hair woes, from hair fall and brittle hair to premature greying and excessive dandruff. You can now shop our range of hair fitness products from Nature Nuskha.

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