The Top 5 Benefits of Avocado Oil for Hair

Avocado Hair Oil Nature Nuskha

Avocado, a delicious treat for many, actually has a plethora of other benefits apart from being delicious. It’s an excellent source of monosaturated fats and vitamins, making it a superfood that imparts essential nutrients to your body.


Avocado oil for hair, too, is nothing short of an elixir. Avocado oil benefits all those who suffer from excessive dandruff, brittle hair or hair thinning. Natural products like Nature Nuskha’s Oil Plus and Hair Fitness Combo contain avocado oil as an active ingredient, thereby giving you thicker, healthier and luscious hair.


Here are the top benefits of avocado oil for hair:


  1. Avocado oil hair benefits: It reduces dandruff

Being rich in various healthy fats, avocado oil provides immense moisture to your hair and scalp. A well moisturised scalp means one that is less flaky and itchy – leading to lesser dandruff. Since it is also among the lightest of all oils, it easily penetrates the scalp for providing moisture to the deeper layers of your skin, rather than just the surface.


  1. Avocado oil hair benefits: It prevents breakage

The nutrients present in avocado oil such as monosaturated fats and oleic acid provide immense strength to the hair shafts by conditioning and nourishing it from deep within. It doesn’t simply coat the hair like many thick oils, rather it penetrates the hair shaft and makes it more supple and resistant to breakage.


  1. Avocado oil hair benefits: It’s light and pleasant to use

Many hair oils leave a thick, greasy residue on the hair, making it undesirable for frequent use. Avocado oil, on the other hand, is extremely lightweight and doesn’t weight the hair down too much. This lightness also helps the oil to seep into the deeper layers of the scalp and the hair, providing deeper nourishment.


  1. Avocado oil hair benefits: It maintains a healthy scalp

A healthy scalp is quintessential to having healthy hair. An undernourished scalp can be the reason for severe hair fall, dandruff, premature greying and much more. Avocado oil helps in maintaining the health of your scalp and hair follicles, thereby ensuring that you have well-nourished hair that’s thick and shiny.


  1. Avocado oil hair benefits: It helps in boosting hair growth

Avocado oil is extremely rich in vitamin D, a vitamin that’s essential to the maintenance and genesis of hair follicles. New hair follicles lead to a thicker hair growth, reduction of bald spots and lesser hair fall.


There are many who can enjoy the benefits of applying avocado oil on hair as it is suitable for all ages and genders. Whether you’re riddled with several hair problems or simply want to begin a healthy hair fitness routine, check out our range of nourishing oils that are packed with natural ingredients that give your hair the best care it deserves – avocado oil is just one of the many!

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