Top Benefits of vitamin E for hair: Damage control, hair growth, and more

Vitamin E benefits for hair - Nature Nuskha

Vitamin E is something all beauty enthusiasts are well familiar with. Be it in their favourite moisturisers or most enriching hair oils, this vitamin has grown into being a key ingredient for healthy hair and skin. It’s a staple in skincare products that give you a boost of moisture and glow, but vitamin E for hair is just as essential. Given its long list of benefits, many use vitamin E for hair growth, softening and moisturising the hair, preventing greys, and more.


Sources of vitamin E for hair

Some of the most direct sources of vitamin E are sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach, avocado, and various nut oils. However, the best way to boost vitamin e for hair is topical application. This ensures direct absorption of the nutrient by the hair follicles and scalp, giving you the best possible benefits. Nature Nuskha’s nourishing oil and hair fitness mist are packed with extracts and oils from avocado, flax seed, and tocopherols from pea protein that enrich your hair.


Vitamin E benefits for hair

Many enjoy the benefits of vitamin E for hair growth, repair, moisturisation, and much more; here are the top benefits among those!


  1. Vitamin E benefits for hair: Reduces free radical damage

You may have heard the phrase “free radicals” and how they’re supposedly bad for your hair. But what are they and how exactly does vitamin E for hair help in tackling that damage? Essentially, free radicals are highly reactive and unstable molecules that are caused by our metabolic activities, but created in excess with exposure to the sun’s UV and pollution. They can wreak havoc on your hair as they bolt around, severely damaging hair cells in the process. The antioxidants present in vitamin E help in neutralising these free radicals, preventing them from harming your hair and keeping them healthy.


  1. Vitamin E benefits for hair: Helps hair growth

Another incredible benefit is using vitamin E for hair growth. The antioxidants present in this vitamin help in increasing blood flow to the scalp, thereby increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the scalp. A well-nourished healthy scalp is the key to having dense, thick, and luscious hair! Moreover, by reducing the free radical damage, it also reverses and prevents damage to the hair follicles, giving way to new hair growth.


  1. Vitamin E benefits for hair: Balances your scalp’s environment

As we said before, a well-nourished healthy scalp is the first and biggest step to great hair. It’s important to ensure your scalp’s hair follicles are up to the mark and well-nourished. Levels of sebum or oil build up, dandruff, and pH levels all play a role in determining your scalp’s wellbeing. Vitamin E helps in stabilising oil production, ensures a steady blood flow to the hair follicles and moisturises the scalp, leading to a well-balanced and -nourished scalp that’s ready to be the base for long and strong hair.


  1. Vitamin E benefits for hair: Moisturises the hair, reducing split ends

Vitamin E is an excellent moisturiser. It is able to penetrate deep into the hair strands, and nourish the hair from deep within. This moisture helps in reducing split ends and making your hair more elastic, stronger, and much less prone to heat and chemical damage.


  1. Vitamin E benefits for hair: Restores shine

Vitamin E restores lost shine lost due to heat styling, blow drying, hair colouring, chemical treatments, and more. By repairing the hair cells, reducing free radical damage, and locking in moisture, vitamin E ensures that your hair is as healthy as possible, and that is well-reflected in the increased shine and gloss in your hair!

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