What Makes Jojoba Oil An Elixir for Hair – Benefits, Uses, More

Jojoba oil benefits Nature Nuskha

Few oils come close to jojoba oil’s uniqueness and efficacy. Hailing from dry, arid regions of the world, this oil has found its way into the personal care and beauty industry for being among the most nourishing oils for hair and skin.


What is jojoba oil?

Jojoba oil isn’t even an oil to begin with! It’s actually a wax ester, but is commonly used like a regular oil. Jojoba oil on hair is applied as it is or mixed with other oils for added benefits. It’s also effective in treating dry skin and making the skin supple.


What truly makes this oil unique is that it bears a vast range of similarities to the sebum produced by our bodies, making it easily permeable into the layers of the skin, scalp and, hair.


Jojoba oil on hair

Jojoba oil works wonders on those with dry, flaky scalps and rough, frizzy, and dry hair. However, incorporating this oil into your daily hair care routine can prove to be beneficial as it’s extremely rich in Vitamins E, A, and D, Omega-6 and -9 fatty acids, and other minerals like zinc and copper.


You can introduce this oil into your routine by using our carefully-curated hair fitness oil plus which is blend of natural oils or by using our hair fitness total solution that comprises of an oil plus and nourishing mist that contain botanical extracts from over 20 natural ingredients.


Benefits of jojoba oil on hair

Being rich in a multitude of nutrients, jojoba oil is nothing short of an elixir for hair. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy by using it for your hair on a regular basis.


  1. Jojoba Hair Oil Benefits – It conditions and moisturises the hair
    The high concentration of Vitamin E in this oil makes it highly moisturising. It not only conditions and softens the hair, but also provides moisture to the scalp that keeps it healthy. This property of maintaining scalp health makes jojoba oil good for hair growth. Since it is also similar to the sebum produced by our bodies, it also penetrates the hair and scalp easily to maintain moisture.

  2. Jojoba Hair Oil Benefits – It promotes hair growth
    Those suffering from hair fall, hair thinning and balding can truly benefit from jojoba oil for hair growth. The zinc present in this oil helps in nourishing the scalp tissues that are responsible for thicker and voluminous hair growth. It also enhances the functionality of the scalp’s sebaceous glands, thereby reducing dryness and reducing hair fall.

  3. Jojoba Hair Oil Benefits – It enhances hair elasticity
    This oil, when massaged onto your hair, penetrates the hair follicles and revives them from within. Any hair that has been damaged and suffers dullness and dryness as a result of it can be reinvigorated with jojoba oil. It hydrates the hair, making it more elastic and supple, thereby reducing breakage. This also makes it one of the best oils for people with curly hair as the elasticity brings back the bounce to your curls.


  1. Jojoba Hair Oil Benefits – It protects the hair
    The Omega-6 and -9 fatty acids present in this oil are, of course, wonderful for conditioning the hair and making it silky smooth. However, these fatty acids also protect your hair from free radicals, heat damage, chemical damage, and other elements that may strip your hair from its nutrients. Jojoba oil is also known to elongate the length of your colour, too, making it a potent, all-natural colour protecting oil.

  2. Jojoba Hair Oil Benefits – It delays greying of hair
    A deficiency in copper can lead to early pigment loss in the hair, leading to premature greying. Jojoba oil, being rich in copper, helps in reinstating copper and slowing down the pigment loss.


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