Why clinical trials are important to us and why they should be for you, too

Nature Nuskha Clinical Trials

The hair care market is full of promises. Hair fall solutions that prevent balding, conditioners and serums that tame frizz, dandruff treatments that heal the scalp and many more. However, these products mainly rely on chemical bases and have gone through very few, if any, phases of clinical research to back their claims.


Products that haven’t undergone thorough research can lead to consequences as menial as ineffectiveness or as dire as severe allergic reactions. Moreover, ingredients like sulphates, mineral oils, and parabens which form a large part of most readily available hair care products, hair fall treatments, topical applicants, etc. pose a threat to your delicate hair strands and follicles. They can rupture the hair, clog pores and dry out the scalp, leading to an endless list of hair problems.


To ensure that the products you choose, from hair fall remedies to styling products, are effective and safe to use, you need to make sure that the claims these products make are based on  scientific research. The sheer importance of research has come to light in recent times, with the vast awareness and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. Our first criteria for choosing the right vaccine for us and our families is the amount of medical testing and research that has gone into it. We educate ourselves on the findings of various clinical trials and only then pick what we deem best and safe – so why not trust science and research in all aspects of our daily lives?


At Nature Nuskha, we believe in creating an amalgamation of nature and science. Though our hair care products that provide hair fall solutions and dandruff treatments draw from the power of nature and its elixirs, they have been formulated by passing through phases of research, experimentation, and testing.


Whenever we’re innovating hair fitness products, hair fall remedies, hair growth solutions, dandruff treatments or anything in between, we always begin with researching what you need. Analysing market trends and recognising unmet needs of our customers helps us in creating an effective product that solves a persisting problem. We then move on to researching what nature has in its repertoire that will help combat the issue at hand. We steer clear of harmful chemicals and instead opt for herbal extracts, natural oils and other nature-based derivatives.


Arguably, our most important phase is the clinical trial phase. It’s a test of all the research that has gone into creating our products, verifying its claims and efficacy and measuring the results. For instance, our Hair Fitness Oil Plus and Hair Fitness Mist went through 2 phases of clinical trials to ensure that they make for an effective hair fall solution and dandruff treatment. We carried out our trials with 115 patients over the course of 12 weeks and were able to verify a reduction in hair fall and dandruff by 70%. This claim has also been verified by SRM Ayurvedic College and Hospital, Bareilly.


It would be impossible for us to verify the benefits and safety of our hair fitness products without performing clinical trials and gathering scientific evidence for the same. You can now shop for our scientifically-backed, effective and safe, natural products here.

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