Why Hair Fitness is essential to enhance your personality!

Hair fitness personality

From time immemorial men and women have been known to try various potions and indulge in elaborate rituals to enhance their physical appearance. In today’s age of smart phones, selfies and prevalence of social media; looking good has become a top priority. But what makes you look good and physically attractive is a million-dollar question?


There was a research done recently to find out what people think are the top parameters that affect or can enhance their good looks.


After going through the above statistics, we can establish that majority of men and women consider hair as the top most parameter that can enhance their looks. That is the reason that hair product industry is a billion-dollar industry. But majority of it thrives on cure more than prevention. You would see products like Hair dyes, hair smoothening serums, anti-dandruff shampoos, hair regrowth oils, etc. With hair revival is more difficult than maintenance, so it is in our best interest that hair problems are prevented early on. To tackle some of the main hair problems, lets take a closer look at what causes these issues:


PREMATURE GREYING – Greying of hair is caused due to various lifestyle choices like unhealthy diet, smoking, external pollutants etc. Premature greying affects people as young as teenagers. This is a very dire hair issue as it can suddenly make you look much older.


HAIR THINNING – Hair fall is an issue haunting most of the people at some point or the other. It is scary to comb your hair and find bunches of your precious tresses coming out.  Hair thinning can occur due to various nutritional deficiencies, hormonal disorder, excessive chemical treatments and harsh hair dyes.


BALDING – There was a recent article that actually spoke about bald shunning on dating apps and matrimonial sites. Young people who are on the onset of their life have to deal with this life altering issue. Balding can be hereditary or could be due to excessive hair loss. There are many painful, cumbersome, time and money consuming treatments like hair transplant that also do not guarantee a 100% hair regrowth. So, it is an issue that has to nipped in the bud for having a healthy hair life.


FRIZZY HAIR – With excessive hair treatment especially with harsh colouring agents, hair shafts get damaged. These damaged shafts and broken hair cuticles lead to split ends and frizz. Frizzy hair looks unkempt and can compromise the physical appearance of a person.


DANDRUFF – It is one of the social faux pas to wear black and have white flaky dandruff all over your shoulders. It is also a social embarrassment for the person and can be damaging to one’s image. As someone with dandruff all over you perceive them as unhygienic and untidy.


To avoid the above looming hair issues, we need to focus on the root cause of these problems. All these issues sprout from bad hair fitness.


What is hair fitness, just like the upkeep of your physical body is termed as physical fitness; having a holistic regimen to maintain your hair is known as hair fitness.


Following would be some helpful pointers that can help you maintain your hair fitness, leading to healthy hair without any issues.


HEALTHY DIET – This is the primary building block for your hair fitness. Paying attention to what we eat. Having nutritionally rich meals makes sure that your hair are well nourished and getting the right kind of sustenance for stronger and better hair.


HAIR REGIMEN – Having hair rituals is the heart of a well defined hair fitness. Below is a vital steps to a good hair regimen:

1.Oiling: Oiling your hair two to three times a week, with a well rounded hair oil like Nature   Nushkha’s Hair oil plus nourishes your hair and gives it the required moisture for better texture. Also oiling with the right natural ingredients can reverse premature greying and also cure rampant hair fall.

2.Shampoo: Shampooing your hair after oiling doesn’t over dry your hair and keeps them shiny. Make sure to use shampoos that are mild, have natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Shampoos like Nature Nuskha Onion shampoo is a great way to clean your hair and nourish them as well; it also helps to form a defence line against premature greying of hair.

3.Hair Mist: After shampooing and air drying your hair. You can use products like hair mist that helps you shield your hair from external pollutants. Also Onion hair mist gives longer nourishment as it stays throughout the day covering your scalp and hair strands.


NATURAL INGREDIENTS-  From ancient times natural ingredients are known as elixir of hair. Natural ingredients like Brhami, Amla, Sesame, Neem, Onion etc. are well known for their multitude benefits for hair. Making the right choice in hair care products ensures that you take your hair fitness up a notch. Products that have natural ingredients and no strong chemicals. Hair products like those from the makers like Nature Nuskha create natural products that are well researched and have high efficacy to deliver the right benefits.


Maintaining your hair fitness by following some key rules and using the right products will ensure that you keep hair issues at bay. This will enhance your looks and physical appeal by making your hair healthier and beautiful.

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