The Tycoon of India’s Hairstyling Industry

Jawed Habib

A hair magician by choice and a phenomenal instructor by passion, Jawed Habib is the gold standard for the hair salon and academy industry. He started his love affair with hair at his father’s salon in New Delhi, but today, he is the chairman and managing director of Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty, India’s largest retail chain of hair salons. To pass his immense knowledge and love for all things beauty, he has established over 65 hair academies across 24 Indian states, training more than 5,000 students each year. His countless achievements and contributions to the industry have made him the only hairdresser in history to be featured in the Forbes and Times magazine. 


Through his years of experience, Jawed Habib has developed a deep understanding of hair, its problems and what is needed to solve those problems. According to him, products that encourage hair fitness from the roots with the help of pure natural extracts are the way forward. His strong belief in the power of nature aligned perfectly with our goal to help you nurture through nature, making him a proud endorser of Nature Nuskha’s products.


Jawed Habib’s Picks from Nature Nuskha


In his workshops and consultations, Jawed emphasises on the importance of protein and vitamins for the hair. Topical application is the best way to provide these nutrients to your hair, and for that, he recommends Nature Nuskha’s Hair Fitness Oil Plus, which is enriched with more than 13 natural and nutrient-rich ingredients like pea protein extract, avocado oil, jojoba oil and more.


What he loves most: The fact that it moisturises the scalp with its nourishing oils and nurtures the hair with vital nutrients and proteins derived from its natural extracts.


Jawed also recommends applying the Hair Fitness Nourishing Mist before styling your hair for the day to reduce frizziness and add shine while naturally nourishing and protecting your hair from pollutants.


What he loves most: With more than 6 herbal extracts, it has the benefits of an extremely nourishing oil, but without the hassle of stickiness, oiliness or weighing down the hair.


Jawed’s favourite from our range, however, is the Hair Fitness 24×7 Total Solution. The combination of a nightly nourishment and daily protection product mix helps the hair heal from damage and bounce back to its healthiest self – fit, strong, thick and shiny.


What he loves most: It gives the hair the strength and nourishment that no chemical treatment can provide. It makes the hair happy and healthy from within.


You can now find our hair fitness products at the 850 Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty salon outlets across the country. With a presence in 115 cities in India, Jawed Habib’s expert services and our natural hair fitness solutions might just be around the corner for you!