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About us

Experience the power of nature without side effects

Ever-growing pollution levels, excessive styling, colouring and heat exposure subjects our hair to daily damage that affects the roots and hair shafts. Generic, chemical-infused products are far from helping with rising hair problems like dandruff, hair fall, premature greying and dullness. To tackle this, it’s time we look back at our roots and gain inspiration from the greatest healer of all – nature.


At Nature Nuskha, nature is the only truth and the key to solving all hair problems.
Through our research, we have arrived at exceptional and effective formulas that nurture your hair back to health. We believe that holistic, one-stop solutions derived from the power of nature are essential to solving modern hair problems in a fast-paced world.

Who We Are

We at Nature Nuskha believe in the goodness of nature. With our all-natural, carefully formulated and effective products, we help you nurture through nature and achieve hair that’s healthy from its roots to tips without side effects.

Our Products

At Nature Nuskha, you will find products that are curated with unique blends of over 25 botanical extracts and zero chemicals. We ensure our products seamlessly fit into your daily routine, from day to night, giving you a round-the-clock solution for all your hair worries.

Nature Nuskha - how we work

How We Work

All our products, though derived from nature, are backed by solid scientific research. Only with a fusion of the two worlds can we arrive at solutions that ensure a healthy and positive effect without side effects.

How we

Nurture through Nature

Pure, natural ingredients

Made with over 25 herbal extracts, conditioners and nourishing oils

Effect without side effects

Positive results without negative side effects

Promotes hair fitness

Long-term benefits from natural proteins, vitamins and anti-oxidants

Nurture through Nature

Chemical-free formula

Free from synthetic colours, preservatives, silica, mineral oils, etc.

Clinically proven

Dermatological tests prove a 70% decline in hair fall and dandruff with continued use

Time-efficient & lifestyle friendly

Quick and easy application of product that leaves no sticky residue

An amalgamation of nature and science

The natural approach towards our products requires a whole lot of scientific research, experimentation and testing. Everything we create is backed by a solid foundation of the rigorous research that has gone into it.

Our Research

Nature Nuskha - Research

Research shows that at least 15% people suffer from premature hair fall, dandruff and premature hair greying. This leaves many in search for quick, effective and easy solutions to help with their growing list of hair problems.

Our aim is to help those riddled with these challenges to nurture
through nature and enhance the innate beauty of their hair through hair fitness solutions.

In today’s times, convenience and appearance play a major role in the hair care products chosen. So, to fit the needs of the modern lifestyle, products that leave no sticky or oily residues, are easy to apply and blend in seamlessly with daily self-care regimes are necessary.

Our products come in handy packaging that makes application speedy while leaving behind no undesirable residues.

Common chemicals found in most generic hair care products like minoxidil, mineral oils, sulphates, silicones and parabens have unfavourable side effects leading to scalp irritation and rashes.

Moreover, such ingredients deteriorate hair health by clogging pores, harming roots and rupturing hair shafts.

At Nature Nuskha, we steer clear of all such ingredients and instead use ones that promote hair fitness through natural and botanical extracts.

With every piece of information in place, we could formulate 100% natural products to suit the needs of our customers. However, no product leaves our labs before going through several phases of rigorous clinical tests to ensure that they give you the best effects without side effects.


For example, our Oil Plus and Nourishing Mist have proven a 70% reduction in hair fall and dandruff in 12 weeks, with noticeable results within just 4 weeks of continued use, thereby helping you nurture through nature.


Who makes the magic happen?

Arvind Machhar  | Founder

Starting his entrepreneurial journey back in 1971, this Harvard School of Business graduate has built many enterprises and social organisations that he has founded or been deeply associated with.


Mr. Arvind Machhar is a Government-nominated member of the Maharashtra Pollution Board, Director of the erstwhile Bank of Hyderabad (now the State Bank of India), and also the Promoter of Sanskar TV.


With years of leadership experience up his sleeve, he leads the team at Nature Nuskha towards creating a better and healthier future for personal care products.