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Onion Shampoo for Hair fall & Dandruff Control, 100ml

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Nature Nuskha’s Hair Fitness Onion Shampoo is a daily use anti dandruff herbal shampoo enriched with vital nutrients from 6 essential herbal actives, natural cleansers and conditioners.

This package contains the Hair Fitness Onion Shampoo, that gives you shiny, healthy and frizz-free hair.

Key benefits:

  • Made with 100% natural extracts
  • Gently cleanses the scalp making it perfect for daily use
  • Combats dandruff and hair fall
  • Leaves the hair shiny and frizz-free
  • Softens the hair with natural conditioners


Product build up, sweat and pollution often leave our hair feeling oily and weighed down. Using harsh, chemical-heavy shampoos can make your hair feel squeaky clean, but in the process, they also strip away natural oils and nutrients that moisturise your scalp, leaving you riddled with dandruff, brittle hair and excessive hair fall.

Nature Nuskha’s Hair Fitness Onion Shampoo is an all-natural anti dandruff herbal shampoo that gently cleanses your scalp, retains moisture and imparts vital nutrients from over 6 herbal extracts. These herbal ingredients are mild enough that you can double cleanse your hair without worrying about excessive drying or harm from chemicals.

Our onion shampoo also contains natural sulphur that is present in onions and tackles hair fall head on. Onion also helps in nourishing and strengthening hair follicles to give you smooth and shiny tresses that are free from frizz and split ends.

The organic ingredients and lack of SLS, parabens and chemical colour additives in this anti dandruff herbal shampoo make it a highly viscous white liquid that doesn’t lather as much as its chemical counterparts. This does not mean that the product has lesser efficacy, but in fact makes for a safer and healthier option for your hair. Learn more about how our products nurture through nature and heal your hair from daily damage.

1. Apply our onion shampoo onto wet hair
2. Massage into scalp and hair strands for 1-2 minutes
3. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if needed
4. Gently towel dry your hair for best results

1. Onion: Naturally occurring sulphur tackles hair fall, dandruff and frizzy hair
2. Pea protein extract: Improves scalp health, promotes hair growth and increases volume
3. Shikakai: Boosts collagen and promotes hair growth
4. Natural glycerine: Moisturises and conditions hair and scalp
5. Aloe vera: Conditions hair and reduces dandruff
6. Neem: Improves health of scalp and maintains its pH

No, our shampoo is mildly fragranced with non-synthetic IFRA certified fragrance and hence does not have any off-putting scent.

Of course! This shampoo is extremely mild and gentle, yet effective in cleansing your scalp. Sounds like a perfect daily cleanser for your hair!

Our shampoo is suitable for both men and women of all age groups, from kids to adults.

Yes, this shampoo is rich in natural ingredients that provide a variety of benefits to your hair, the prominent ones being onion and pea protein extract. This shampoo will also help in moisturising the scalp, reducing frizz and split ends, and preventing premature greying.

No. Our products our suited for all hair and scalp types. So you could have curly hair and an oily scalp, straight hair with a dry scalp or anything in between, and our Hair Fitness Onion Shampoo will be sure to nourish, cleanse and heal your hair.

Yes, with a slightly acidic pH of 6.5, our Hair Fitness Onion Shampoo helps in restoring the
acidic environment required for healthy hair. Chemical treatments may leave the hair with
an alkaline pH of 8 or 9, so it is essential to use pH balancing products like this shampoo to
offset the damage caused.

At Nature Nuskha, we strongly believe in effects without side effects. Our products simply benefit the long-term health of your hair and nothing else – as all our products are made of natural ingredients.

Nature Nuskha’s anti-dandruff onion shampoo is made entirely from natural herbal extracts that tackle dandruff and fight bacteria.

Nature Nuskhas Hair Fitness Onion Shampoo is enriched with vital nutrients from 6 essential herbal actives, natural cleansers and conditioners that cleanses the scalp and combats hair fall and dandruff.

This shampoo, in conjunction to preventing hair fall and promoting hair growth, will also help in moisturising the scalp, reducing dandruff, reducing frizz and split ends, and preventing premature greying.

Absolutely! This shampoo is rich in natural ingredients that provide a variety of benefits to your hair, including hair growth and curbing hair fall.

43 reviews for Onion Shampoo for Hair fall & Dandruff Control, 100ml

  1. Santosh Kapoor

    My name is Santosh Kapoor and my age is 56, My feedback for this shampoo is excellent.

    Reasons are :
    1. Easily available through online platform
    2. Excellent natural perfume.
    3. There is no tangling in hairs after using this shampoo.
    4. Feel comfortable during combing of hairs throughout the day.

  2. Jyoti Panikar (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic shampoo! It’s like oxygen to the dry , weakened hairs. No chemicals and all natural ingredients is the real magic . My whole family loved it and totally satisfied with the product. The shampoo Leaves you with a feeling of freshness that lasts the whole day.

  3. Anjali Dasgupta

    Nice product . Worked really well to control hair fall and hair regrowth.

  4. Sonali B

    Really satisfied with Nature Nuskha Onion Shampoo.
    Compared to any other shampoo it’s really very good.
    After using this shampoo for one month,it has controlled my hair fall to great extent. If you are searching for any hair control shampoo u should try this.
    For best result u should try it’s Nature Nuskha oil plus too.
    It made my hair look healthier than before nd shiny too..

  5. Avinash Dash

    Its good onion shampoo n I am using from 1 month, my hair is getting stronger and healthier day by day all thanks to this shampoo, don’t think twice…. it’s good buy it.

  6. Ruchika K

    Onion Shampoo, rich in Sulphur, Potassium & antioxidants, reduces hair fall & accelerates hair growth. It makes hair smooth and frizz-free. Overall its good for hair nourishment and suited fr all hair types.

  7. Rameshwar G

    I was facing immense hairfall and trust me this shampoo works wonders. While purchasing this shampoo I was doubtful, . Wasn’t sure whether it’ll work for my hair’s. But guys I have fall…….. in love with shampoo. There is a visible difference from first wash only. The fragnance of the shampoo is also nice.

  8. Raghu M

    Perfect natural onion shampoo

  9. Roop M

    Nature Nuskha Onion Shampoo is so gentle that you dont feel dryness on scalp.
    All natural ingredients are true to its name.
    I could see reduction in hair fall from 2nd day of use and also reduced dryness.

  10. Raman Nirman

    I ordered Nature Nuskha oil and shampoo and i am so satisfied with their products, with just a few washes i can see my hair fall problem is getting much better, i am getting back to my shiny healthy hair.
    i give 10 out of 10 to Nature Nuskha Onion Shampoo.
    The perfect solution to hair fall, dry and damaged hair.

  11. Puja H

    Before buying this shampoo, I was undergoing a lot of hair fall, and many people recommended this shampoo. So I thought of trying it once.

    The shampoo smells lovely, it smells so pleasant.
    Apart from the smell, the shampoo does have other great qualities like-

    1. Free from paraben and silicone
    2. Contain natural ingredients
    3. Free from SLS
    4. Free from harmful chemicals

    As it is free from paraben, you won’t get a lot of foam. Helps in controlling hair fall, use it for at least 1 month for visible results.

  12. Prathyusha G

    I’ve been using hair fitness Onion Shampoo for almost a month and my hair feels rejuvenated – soft, smooth and voluminous.
    The roughness has reduced, I have used Nature Nuskha Oil plus as well. Hair looks shiny and after 3 weeks of regular use, it doesn’t feel dry. Good scent without being overpowering and it does seem to contain all-natural ingredients.

  13. Ramya D

    Highly recommend Nature Nuskha Onion Shampoo.
    The hair remains beautiful and manageable for days after the wash. It also repairs damaged hair.
    This shampoo is paraben free, gluten free, colourants free, pH balanced and safe for colour treated hair.

  14. Pooja Gaur

    Good shampoo. Onion shampoos are very good for hair and scalp. Many benefits of using onion shampoo compared to other chemical shampoos.
    Dandruff has reduced for sure after using it for 2 weeks. Will continue using for other results.

  15. Ankush Baheti

    Fragrance is good…not like other onion shampoos. Hair fall has not reduced yet. Less lather…so have to use two times.
    Okay product

  16. Deepali

    Keep hair stong with regular use of Nature Nuskha Onion Shampoo. As they claim, best natural shampoo for hair growth and dandruff control.

  17. Surya

    Superb shampoo. Natural so can apply many times in a week.
    After shower hair looks silky. Apply oil in the night and then shower in the morning with this onion shampoo.

  18. Preyal Daru

    Smells good and effective… i look forward to buying this again

  19. Neeti Dutt

    1. Pleasing smell
    2. Good quantity
    3. Paraben and chemicals free
    4. Natural ingredients
    5. Effective for hair
    6. Control hair fall

  20. Poonam K

    I am using Nature Nuskha Onion shampoo for 2 months & it’s really gentle & helpful for Hair…. Totally natural.
    I recommend this product for those who are tired from Hair Loss & Dandruff. You will love this. Like your customer service & product.

  21. Anushka D

    Nature Nuskha Onion Shampoo is a very useful shampoo for those who get hair fall more..It controls hair fall and gives silky smooth conditioner required

  22. Anubhuti Chaturvedi

    Really good onion shampoo. I am regular user and i really love this. The shampoo doesn’t dry hair and does not leave a residue. It gives a good shine and works well to control frizz. I have used it twice and the effects are the same.

    Reduced my hair fall
    Reduced Dandruff

  23. Dhanraj SOni

    Good product..will buy again

  24. Pallavi S

    From all other shampoo that i have used this is best. It is fully natural and after using it for 3week i really feel the difference in my hair. Hair fall has also been reduced.
    This suits my hair, lather enough, keep my scalp clean, best part prevent my hair from hairfall. Daily use it is. No harmful properties.

  25. Rajesh Dhumal

    This Onion Shampoo is very mild…used it for 15 days helps in control of hairfall… consistency is amazing…
    I felt my hair soften after washing from this…hair was shiny
    fragrance is so mild of it.
    it’s very effective.

  26. Irfan

    Nature Nuskha Onion shampoo has worked wonders for my hair…my hair became too rough and hard to handle lately…but using this shampoo gave some shine and smoothness to my hair…it has become manageable again…smell is also pleasing considering its a natual ingredient based product…

  27. Kritika Sharda

    Hair fall problem!!! Reason can be many…..but solution only one.for me…use Nature Nuskha Onion Shampoo. due to hard water I am facing lots of hair fall. But this shampoo works as miracle for me…. Reduce hairloss and moisturizes scalp and hair become soft.

  28. MOhar Savant

    I would say it’s a very good product. I had problem with dry itchy scalp which actually causes lot of hair loss. But this shampoo keeps my scalp moist and hair healthier. You might feel it does not produce enough lather. However the cleansing is the same. All in all a great product.

  29. Radhima Madan

    It controls my hair fall very well withIn the first wash.. Form last 4 weeks i am using only this shampoo. Now no need to worry. I would i like to buy other products from you too..

  30. Raju Nair

    Good product, mild shampoo so expect less foam. Leaves an oily layer on hairs making it more manageable. Great scent…

  31. Priyanka Soni

    Toooo good

  32. Siddhart Dhoot

    The best part of this product is that u can see the result after the second or third wash and after 1st week or in 2nd week u can see the proper results by this product. I’m very happy with the results of this product and can refer to my relatives & friends.

    Hair fall reduced
    Dandruff reduced
    Hair soft and shiny

  33. Sneha Chaterjee

    Bought this a week ago, in love with the natural fragrance with its mild fragnance. Doesn’t feels like you’re putting onion shampoo at . I have been applying it thrice a week and my hairs have already started shining in just 3-4 days of application. Even after shampooing the shine is impeccable.

  34. Lisa Rodrigues

    Amazing product it controls my hair fall it’s very useful for dry and damaged hair…

  35. Samarth Soni

    I tried this on my hair, and noticed immediate improvement. I have had damaged hair since I coloured it repeatedly, and after using this product, this gave me an immediate feel of a layer of lusture, and moisture to my hair!
    I currently have coloured hair, and I love how this product protects my hair shine colour.
    It’s perfect for those who struggle with rough and damaged hair.
    It’s a brilliant hair repair product. The shampoo doesn’t give me an oily and greasy feel, it aids moisture and hydration which gives me immediate effects.

  36. Shivani Rose

    Nature Nuskha Onion Shamoii is the best. Good smell and very good results.

  37. Arjun Singh

    Great natural shampoo!

  38. Rani Verma

    Shampoo is very wonderful and very useful to prevent the hair fall and regrowth the hair

  39. Ramnee

    Onion shampoo & hair fitness range is just awesome… helped me grow my hair in length and my hair fall too stopped visibly.. do try out… i would recommend it…

  40. Shivani Sharma

    Hair Fitness Onion Hair Fall Shampoo is made of natural ingredients…its a paraben free shampoo. It’s cream like shampoo with nice smell price is also decent.
    after wash hair was not dry…was smoot the entire day. Cleaning of hair also really nice. Google Onion shampoo compare to other companys. Overall really good product..

  41. Satyajit Luthra

    Very nice product. This shampoo has a very refreshing fragrance and does not smell of onions at all. It helps in reducing hair fall and decreases hair frizziness. Makes hair smooth and soft. No need of applying a conditioner as it adequately moisturises the hair and scalp.
    Its free from sulphates and parabens. Makes the hair healthy and shiny.

  42. Manasi Luthra

    Nature Nuskha Onion shampoo is a herbal shampoo and reduces dandruff and hair fall. After wash keeps the hair shiny and frizz free.
    Can use mutiple times a week as it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

  43. Raghav Sethi

    Excellent shampoo!! All-natural shampoo with pleasing fragrance cleans the scalp and hair. After shampoo dont need a conditioner as keeps the hair soft and shiny.

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