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Oil + Cleanse : Hair Fitness combo of hair fall control shampoo (100ml) and oil (100ml)

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This combination of the best hair fall control oil and hair fall reduction shampoo moisturises, nourishes and cleanses your hair and scalp with 100% natural ingredients. The oil contains potent, nutrient-rich ingredients like pea protein extract, avocado oil, jojoba oil and more, while the shampoo contains naturally conditioning and gentle, anti-microbial ingredients to keep your scalp healthy and your hair thick and luscious.

This package contains 100ml of the Hair Fitness Oil Plus and 100ml of the Hair Fitness Onion Shampoo for hydrating and cleansing your hair.

Key benefits:

  • Penetrates into the scalp and hair shafts for deep nourishment
  • Tackles dandruff
  • Controls excessive hair fall
  • Rich in natural protein
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients


Oiling the hair has been a staple tradition of every Indian household, and for good reason. Massaging hair oil improves blood flow to the scalp and imparts essential nutrients to your hair, keeping it thick, healthy, and shiny. This is why we have created our hair fall control shampoo and oil combo with the best hair fall control oil there is. Nature Nuskha’s Hair Fitness Oil plus is enriched with over 13 natural oils like jojoba, flaxseed, avocado, argan, and more to nurture your hair back to health and make them fit.

The Hair Fitness Onion Shampoo is the mild and perfect daily hair cleanser that nourishes your hair rather than stripping it of moisture and nutrients. It’s an all-natural hair fall reduction shampoo that is formulated with over 6 herbal extracts that have anti-microbial properties to keep dirt and unwanted bacteria at bay.

The best hair fall control oils and shampoos are made with the power of nature. Hence, all our products, including this combination pack, are made entirely from natural ingredients. Our ingredients are derived from ancient sciences while our formulations are based on modern scientific research. Learn more about how these products nurture through nature [link to nurture through nature page] and heal your hair from daily damage.


  • For Hair Fitness Oil Plus:
    1. Pump Hair Fitness Oil Plus onto your palm 6-8 times
    2. Massage into your scalp in circular motions for 3-4 minutes
    3. Leave it on overnight for best results
    4. Wash it off with the Hair Fitness Onion Shampoo
    5. Apply 2-3 times a week for best results
  • For Hair Fitness Onion Shampoo:
    1. Apply the shampoo onto wet hair
    2. Massage into scalp and hair strands for 1-2 minutes
    3. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if needed
    4. Gently towel dry your hair for best results
  • For Hair Fitness Oil Plus:
    Our Hair Fitness Oil Plus is a protein rich formula comprising of 13 natural extracts and oils including pea protein extract, avocado, tocopherol, jojoba, flaxseed, neem, mustard, rosemary, argan, brahmi, amla, wheat germ, hibiscus rosa sinesus, seasame oil, and camphor. It is rich in proteins, amino acids, and various other essential nutrients, making it among the best hair fall control oils.
  • For Hair Fitness Onion Shampoo:
    Our hair fall reduction shampoo consists of cleansing, anti-microbial and nourishing ingredients like onion extract, pea protein extract, aloe vera, shikakai, neem, and more.

Yes, our hair fall control shampoo and oil combo reduces hair fall after continued use. Apart from that, it also prevents premature greying, reduces dandruff, tames frizziness and restores hair health and shine.

We recommend oiling your hair 2-3 times a week for best results. Our shampoo is gentle enough for daily use and double cleansing.

With continued and consistent use, you can expect to see initial results by 4 weeks. Do keep in mind that the same products can take varying amounts of time to show result for different people.

This combo contains the best hair fall control oil and shampoo for men and women of any age, including kids.

No, our products do not contain harmful chemicals like minoxidil, mineral oil, silicones, parabens and synthetic colours and preservatives. We use natural ingredients that nourish your hair as opposed to chemical ones that strip them of moisture and nutrients

All hair types, from straight to curly, and all types of scalps, from dry to oily, can benefit from this combo.

Yes these products are suitable for colored hair and do not in any manner deteriorates the coloring but helps in restoring the health of chemically damaged hair.

No, our products are 100% cruelty-free.

 Yes, our Hair Fitness Oil Plus, with a pH of 5.3, and Onion Shampoo, with a pH of 6.5, help
in restoring the acidic environment required for healthy hair. Chemical treatments may
leave the hair with an alkaline pH of 8 or 9, so it is essential to use pH balancing products
like this combo to offset the damage caused.

3 reviews for Oil + Cleanse : Hair Fitness combo of hair fall control shampoo (100ml) and oil (100ml)

  1. Ashish Bhatnagar

    The product combo is superb

    Frangrance is awesome
    Anti dandruff, feels good
    Natural shampoo

    Non sticky
    Provides strength to roots
    And really works on hair fall

  2. Rohit Reddy

    Very satisfied with the product.
    First you have to use the oil plus and keep it overnight or 1 day on your hair, after that shampoo your hair with nature nuskha onion shampoo. I used and it made my hair soft and shiny. This product combo only stops your hair fall. This set is good but only stop your hair fall and gives shine to your hairs.

  3. Raju Nimoblkar

    Nature Nuskha Oil plus and Onion shampoo is the combination i was waiting for. there are multiple oil and shampoo products available in the market, but this is unique as it has a lot of natural ingredients. So its safe to us multiple times in a week. Used the oil in the night and the onion shampoo in the morning 3 times a week. Within 2 weeks my hair fall is reduced slightly, but dandruff problem is gone!!
    hope this continues…

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