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Hair Fitness Oil Plus for Hair Fall Control, 100ml

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Hair Fitness Oil Plus is just the elixir that your hair has been looking for. In addition to nourishing natural oils, this hair fall control oil also contains vital proteins and nutrients essential for the health of your hair. Our hair fall oil heals and nourishes your roots, moisturises your scalp and enhances hair growth and volume, helping you achieve flawless, fit and healthy hair.

This package contains one 100ml bottle of the Hair Fitness Oil Plus, enriched with 13 botanical ingredients like pea protein extract, avocado oil, jojoba oil and natural tocopherols from rapeseed and sunflower oil.

Key benefits:

  • Clinically proven by SRM Ayurvedic college & hospital, Bareilly
  • Made from nourishing oils enhanced with natural proteins, vitamins and nutrients
  • Hair fall control using 100% natural ingredients
  • Enhances hair growth and volume, making it best oil for hair fall control
  • Nourishes scalp for hair regrowth
  • Prevents untimely hair greying
  • Repairs chemically damaged hair


What makes our hair fall oil unique

The Hair Fitness Oil Plus is a hair fall control oil designed to naturally nurture your hair to the fittest it can be, without causing any troublesome side effects. We arrived at a one-of-a-kind  formulation made with more than 13 herbal extracts that aid hair fall control by imparting essential nutrients that were stripped away by daily damage from pollution and chemical exposure.

By reversing those adverse effects to your roots, scalp and hair shafts, this hair fall oil restores the natural immunity of your hair to make it stronger, fitter, thicker and shinier. Learn more about how our products nurture through nature and heal your hair from daily damage.

When used consistently, our hair fall control oil causes a 70% reduction in hair fall and dandruff over 12 weeks, as shown in our series of clinical trials. SRM Ayurvedic College and Hospital, Bareilly has conducted clinical trials of the Hair Fitness Oil Plus and confirmed its efficacy and efficiency in solving hair fall and dandruff problems. Our hair fall oil is approved by FDA and patent applied for.

How to use our hair fall control oil:

1. Pump the hair fall control oil onto your palm 6-8 times
2. Massage into your scalp in circular motions for 3-4 minutes
3. Leave it on overnight for best results
4. Wash it off with a mild shampoo
5. Apply 2-3 times a week for best results
6. Follow up with the Hair Fitness Nourishing Mist after your hair wash

We use 100% natural ingredients that come together to make the best oil for hair fall control

  1. Pea protein extract: Protein extracted from peas is one of the best vegan sources of protein. It improves scalp health, promotes hair growth and increases volume.
  2. Avocado: Avocado oil is rich in monosaturated fats that that are essential for healthy hair growth. It nourishes and moisturises hair and scalp.
  3. Jojoba: Jojoba oil is rich in omega-6 and -9 fatty acids and vitamin E, which are essential for keratin production in the hair. It promotes hair growth and is known as the best oil for hair fall control.
  4. Flaxseed: Flaxseed oil contains a multitude of antioxidants and vitamins like B complexes and E. It prevents hair breakage, thinning and premature ageing.
  5. Brahmi: One of the oldest remedies in Ayurveda, Brahmi forms an important part of our hair fall control oil. It strengthens hair roots and promotes hair growth.
  6. Cuscuta Reflexa in Sesame Oil: Sesame oil is rich in fatty acids that help in moisturising the scalp and hair, thereby preventing hair loss by keeping your scalp healthy.
  7. Neem: Neem oil acts as an anti-microbial agent and fights bacterial and fungal growth thereby healing and improving the scalp, reducing balding, and combating dandruff. It also maintains the pH levels of your scalp for healthy hair growth.
  8. Clove: Rich in beta-carotene, clove oil improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth, making it one of the most important ingredients in our hair fall control oil.
  9. Amla: With an abundance of vitamin C and other antioxidant, amla strengthens hair follicles, conditions the hair, and retains its natural colour to prevent premature greying.
  10. Rosemary: Rosemary oil is an essential oil that needs be used in very small quantities to achieve great results. It’s deemed to be among the best oils for hair fall control and is also known to help in reversing balding in some cases.
  11. Camphor: Camphor is an important ingredient in our hair fall oil as it improves blood circulation and maintains a healthy flow of oxygen to the hair follicles. Its scent also helps in reducing stress.
  12. Argan: Packed with vitamins A, C, and E, tocopherols, and omega-6 fatty acids, argan oil nourishes the hair from root to tip and helps in keeping it thick and healthy. It also works as an effective hair fall control oil, conditions frizzy hair and returns its sheen.
  13. Hibiscus Rosa Sinesis: Arguably the most potent ingredient for hair fall and a vital part of our hair fall oil, hibiscus stimulates hair regrowth by reinvigorating dormant hair follicles and reversing balding. Its amino acids also aid keratin production.

It is recommended that you use this oil 2 to 3 times a week for best results.

Absolutely! We fully recommend using our hair fall control oil as an overnight treatment as this allows the nutrients to slowly seep into your scalp. This way, you reap its full benefits! Additionally, oiling your hair before bed or even brushing it through helps you relax and helps you sleep better.

Nature Nuskha’s Hair Fitness Oil Plus contains pea protein extract, jojoba oil, brahmi, rosemary and natural tocopherols from hibiscus and rapeseed oil. All these ingredients, along with other nourishing extracts, work specifically well in hair fall control by providing your roots and scalp the nutrients they need for upkeeping their innate health and immunity, making it the best oil for hair fall control.

Both men and women can use this hair fall oil for various solutions like hair fall control, dandruff control, prevention of premature greying and more. It is also suited for the general nourishment and upkeep of your hair, and hence is an excellent oil for all age

groups, from kids to adults.

People with different hair types, from straight to curly, and different scalp types, from dry to oily can all benefit from the nourishing natural extracts of this oil. It is also safe to use for chemically treated hair and helps in reversing the side effects of chemical

and heat exposure.

At Nature Nuskha, we strongly believe in effects without side effects. Our products simply benefit the long-term health of your hair and nothing else – no itching, dry scalps, burning or stinging.

Many chemical treatments can leave the hair with an alkaline pH of 8 or 9, which is far from the optimal, acidic pH for your hair of 4.5 to 5.5. Nature Nuskha’s Oil Plus has a pH ofv5.3, which makes it effective in converting the environment of your scalp from

alkaline to acidic.

This oil plus contains a number of herbal ingredients that contain hair nourishing ingredients. Some of them are jojoba oil, brahmi, rosemary oil, argan oil, camphor oil, wheat germ oil, mustard oil, clove oil, sesame oil, neem oil, amla oil, hibiscus oil, avocado oil, peas oil, flaxseeds oil extracts and natural tocopherols from sunflower and rapeseed. Together they contribute to rehydrating dry scalp, improve hair quality, reduce hair fall and make hair look lively and healthy.

As it is enriched with 13 hair nourishing oils that contain antioxidants and vitamins, our Hair Fitness Oil Plus helps heal and nourish hair roots for growth, moisturises the scalp and enhances hair growth and volume.

Our hair fall control oil is made of all natural ingredients and is completely fragrance free.

Absolutely! This oil is rich in natural ingredients that provide a variety of benefits to your hair, including hair growth and hair fall control. Regular use os oil plus is recommended.

Yes. Oil plus contains nourishing oils enhanced with natural proteins, vitamins and nutrients that help repair chemically damaged hair.

47 reviews for Hair Fitness Oil Plus for Hair Fall Control, 100ml

  1. Aprna Hooda

    Good oil for hair fall control…I’m using for past 2 weeks and got the good result. For best results use Nature Nuskkha Onion shampoo and Nourishing mist

  2. Seema Das

    After using it for around 1 and half months, I really felt the amazing changes, it strengthens the hair roots and reduces the hair fall to a great extent. One must try it for once to see the changes.
    it is the best hair oil for hair fall control

  3. Sambhav N

    Very effective for hair fall control. Use it regularly and then shampoo with Onion Shampoo. Think slowly will also notice hair regrowth. Good buy..

  4. Nikhik K

    It’s really amazing product. Today is the 10th day I used this oil and shampoo I clearly notice a difference. Very happy with this product

  5. Sweta B

    I liked the nature nuskha oil plus. after using it for almost 3 weeks n already purchased the second one. Feel good after using it.
    Hairfall is gradually reducing. Think will be more effective after continuos use.

  6. Jyoti A

    Best for the hair fall problem, my hair fall has been reduced by 50%
    Hoping my lost hair grows using it

  7. Sujoy Ghosh

    Loved it..

  8. Amit bihani

    Nice product ….smell is not to strong like other herbal oils.
    Good for hair regrowth

  9. Alkesh Runwal

    using it for the past 6 months now.
    Grey hair have reduced

  10. Rukmani Singh

    I had very severe hair fall from the past 6 months
    Used most oils but nothing worked so finally trusted Nature Nuskha Oil plus.
    It worked and hair fall reduced to some extent. Need to use regularly to see better results.

  11. Saroj A

    I bought hair Fitness oil plus as i was having heavy hairfall problem. This oil helped me to reduce hair fall and promote hair growth. It has onion extract, an essential oil with so many natural botanical oils and extracts.
    I use it twice a week and it gives me the best results. My hair feels so strong and silky as well.
    Everyone should use this oil for controlling hair fall and for new hair growth

  12. Akshay R

    Very nice hair oil, reduces hair fall. Good smell.

  13. Vijay Lad

    Have been using Nature Nuskha Oil plus for last 6 months hair fall control is good. Also, there is some amount of hair regrowth.

  14. Sanya

    Very effective, must buy product. The result is so fast and effective. Highly recommended. The price is fair. Just use for two weeks and you will know the result. Hassle free delivery also.

  15. Durgesh Singh

    It is the best option for those who have problems with dry hair and hair loss and thick hair. I suggest everyone to use it.

  16. Raghvendra V

    It is the best brand of hair fall control hair oil. Nature Nuskha oil plus is rich in sulfur which prevents breakage, split ends and prevents hair from thinning. Other nutrients present prevent hair oxidation.

    Before using it, My hair was very dry and And I was suffering from a lot of hair loss And my hair was very thin. But, after using it, hair loss problem solved and i am very happy and satisfied with this product..And now my hair is long and shiny.

  17. Ramya a

    Excellent quality hair oil, this is natural oil which is best value for money product . This hair oil is best for regrowth hair
    Good fragrance as well.

  18. Rujuta Singh

    This natural oil is perfect and works well on dandruff and hair fall.

  19. Shauhaid V

    Nature Nuskha oil plus really works as promised. I started using this on the recommendation of my friend and now I am the one recommending this. After using this, ive seen my hair regrwth and hair looks so healthy. Also length of my hair is increased a. Highly recommended!!!!

  20. Rakesh Lambe

    Nature Nuskha hair fitness Oil plus contains some amazing ingredients like onion oil, redensyl, brahmi, avocado etc . It is free of parabens, sulphates & silicones. It made my hair soft, shiny & nourished my scalp. It is also suitable for all hair types.

  21. Ayushi Bhatt

    Nature Nuskha oil Plus is a the perfect pol that i was looking for.
    I can really see the change in my hair it improves the texture of my hair, replenish my scalp, hair fall decreases and i can see hair regrowth.
    It is 100% chemical free and made from natural ingredients. So if you’re planning to buy this oil just don’t think go for it .

  22. Ashwini Gadgil

    I am using this oil from last 2 weeks and in love with this hair oil. This is the best oil i have used so far. My hair were dry and frizzy but now after 2 months my hair has become soft & silky, hair fall has also reduced

  23. Anant K

    Very Good product. Within 10 days you can see difference in Hair texture. I used it in past and was impressive so started again.
    Hair regrowth has begun after i started using it…

  24. Mohammed Irfan

    Its quality is very pure. Natural Oil

  25. Ankit Mehta

    Nature Nuskha Hair fitness Oil plus seems to be working really well! I use every time before I need to wash my hair and it has left my hair shiny, soft and looking thicker as well! Time will tell if it has the desired results of encouraging hair growth but as nourishment for my hair goes, so far it’s working!

  26. Amjed Rauf

    I’m using this organic hair oil plus…and I am happy to see the results of this contains multiple natural hair oil..reduce my hair fall and dandruff problem is solved ….love it ….go for it’s amazing hair oil

  27. Saktshi Tandon

    Recently I was facing hairfall issues due to change in weather. Nothing helped reduce daily hairfall.
    Was sceptical about choosing a right one after going through the reviews and comments of multiple products available in the market.
    This hair oil in particular is reasonably priced, doesn’t have odour or stickiness. Surprisingly pleasant odor considering the ingredients.
    I could see reduction in hairfall after one month usage

  28. Santosh T

    Amazing product, could see the difference by just applying it twice a week in 1 month. Best for hair growth

  29. Samira

    I have used Nature Nuskha oil plus for a long time. Smell is fine. All natural ingredients..excellent for hair
    It is transparent. Not too much quantity is needed for proper massage, so it should last a long time. It is not as sticky as other oils. Overall a good purchase.

  30. Sakshi Malik

    Nice fragrance and excellent mixture. Helps hair regrowth. Good product for maintaining hair fitness

  31. Prathmesh

    The hair oil really helps reduce breakage and promotes hair growth. It also nourishes the hair and its non sticky formula is the best.
    Must use!

  32. Sandhya R

    Great product!

  33. Vipul Raghav

    I have used this oil for a long time. Smell is quite pleasing.

    It is transparent. Not too much quantity is needed for proper massage. It is not as sticky as other oils. Overall a good purchase for hair fall control.

  34. Kashish Saini

    Non Sticky, Non-greasy Hair Oil
    Really good😍😍
    For enhancing hair growth,.. Use it twice a week for best results..
    Product is really awesome.

  35. Shubham Raheja

    Ensure you apply the oil evenly. Ensure you end the oil champi with applying a little oil on the hairline. That will help you notice the result. The oil worked well for me. I have been using natural products since 2 yrs now. This was my first purchase from this brand. Not bad….. Does the job…..

  36. Pawan

    Useful and Effective product..After using this oil,my hair growth was good and hair fall also reduced..M happy and Satisfied with this product .It’s value for money..

  37. Yatendra kumar

    The product works very well. I use oil alternate day. My dandruff disappeared in three days. Hair fall almost stopped. Clove fragrance in the oil gives very soothing affect.

  38. niketa rathie

    Muz by for people looking for an hair fall control hair oil… Nature Nuskha is a very effective and a great oil for hairfall and Dandruff. I am using it very regularly and can see tremendous change in the texture of my hair as well.I will surely recommend the buyers who are looking for hair fall oil …try it.

  39. Sumit Rana

    Good And Excellent Qulaity Hair oil

  40. vrinda dhoot

    Nice hair oil..must give a try for healthy hair..

  41. Kintu Bihani

    Nature Nushka is by far one of the best oil for hair fall control , makes the roots stronger nd gives a beautiful shining texture

  42. Rajeev

    Effective hair growth oil . With in a week initial positive results were seen .

  43. Krishu

    I Heard abt Nauture Nuskha from a relative and i decided to use it. I ordered the hair fall control hair oil few days back and start using it. My hair fall problem decreased and hair are now shining. Hair is also smooth. Will be using it again and again.

  44. Anonymous



  45. Aniish Shah

    This is a good non sticky oil to prevent hair fall and dandruff. We purchased this hair fall control hair oil for myself as we both have dandruff and hairfall problems.. It has been 2 weeks that we have been using this oil and have found that the overall hair quality seems to have improved. Though the hair fall has not stopped completely, but within the two weeks of using we found that the quantity of hair fall has definitely reduced. Am sure with some more sustained usage the hair fall will be completely stopped.

  46. Rajesh

    I bought this product for my brother’s bald patches. I asked him to see doctor but he is very adamant and refused. I finally bought this hair fitness oil thinking he won’t say no to it. He applied it on his bald patches… and after two weeks of regular use, we can notice small strands of hair regrowing. We are excited to see long term use of the product.

    Highly recommended for male bald patches. One of the best oil for hair fall control and hair growth.

  47. Dilpreet Singh

    This is the product to invest in during this pandemic!

    Since I am working from home, I thought to invest in self care… I bought this hair fall control hair oil three weeks back and I haven’t found anything to complain about.

    Buy this product only if you are patient enough to wait to see results. No product will show instant results. I have tried several brands, products and solutions for my hair fall and one thing I have learnt the hard way is that u have 2 wait at least three months to notice difference easily.

    Products that show early results are actually short lived results.

    Must buy. Nothing questionable about the product

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