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Hair Growth Oil & Mist Combo for Hair Regrowth – 24×7 Hair Fitness Total Solution (60ml + 60ml)

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This day-to-night product combination of our hair growth oil and nourishing hair mist works in harmony to nurture your hair back to health. Enriched with natural ingredients that are packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants and proteins like pea protein extract, onion, avocado oil, neem, brahmi, and many more, this hair fitness combo is bound to give you healthy, strong and shiny hair.

This package contains one 60ml bottle each of the Hair Fitness Oil Plus for your nightly nourishment and the Hair Fitness Nourishing Mist for day-time protection and care.

Key benefits:

  • Clinically proven hair growth oil, study conducted by SRM Ayurvedic College & Hospital, Bareilly
  • Reduces dandruff
  • Controls hair fall
  • Enhances hair growth & volume
  • Provides deep nourishment to scalp and hair shaft
  • 100% natural hair growth oil
  • Restores hair health and lustre
  • Repairs chemically damaged hair
  • Prevents premature hair greying


What makes our combo of nourishing mist and hair growth oil unique

We believe that all hair problems from hair fall to dandruff and beyond require one holistic solution that nourishes you hair from day to night. The Nature Nuskha 24×7 Hair Fitness Total Solution was curated keeping this belief in mind. Channelling the power of natural herbal extracts, our hair oil for hair growth and moisturising mist target hair problems at the root – quite literally – by nourishing and restoring the health of your scalp and hair shafts.

The Hair Fitness Oil Plus is a fast hair growth oil recommended for nightly use. Along with being an effective hair oil for hair growth, it also makes your scalp less flaky and dandruff-free, enhances hair volume and lustre and prevents premature greying.

The Hair Fitness Nourishing Mist, applied the next day after you gently wash off our hair growth oil, provides your hair the protection it needs from pollution and dust when you step out. Apart from shielding your hair, it also tames frizz, moisturises the scalp and heals the hair roots for thick, dandruff-free hair.

When used consistently and in tandem, our hair growth oil and hair mist guarantee a 70% reduction in hair fall and dandruff over 12 weeks, as shown in our series of clinical trials. SRM Ayurvedic College and Hospital, Bareilly has conducted clinical trials of 24/7 Hair Fitness Total solution and confirmed its efficacy and efficiency in solving hair fall and dandruff problems. The product is approved by FDA and the patent is applied for.

How to use our hair growth oil:
1. Pump the hair growth oil onto your palm 6-8 times
2. Massage into your scalp in circular motions for 3-4 minutes
3. Leave it on overnight for best results
4. Wash it off with a mild shampoo

How to use our nourishing mist:
1. From a distance of 10 cms, spray Hair Fitness Nourishing Mist directly on damp, towel dried hair
2. Massage gently for 30 seconds
3. Comb through your hair to evenly distribute the product
4. Style hair as usual

What goes into our fast hair growth oil:
Our hair growth oil is a protein rich formula comprising of 13 natural oils including:

  1. Pea protein extract: Improves scalp health, promotes hair growth and increases volume
  2.  Avocado: Nourishes and moisturises hair and scalp
  3. Tocopherols: Vitamin E rich organic compound that helps restore hair health
  4. Jojoba: Promotes hair growth and is known as the best oil hair oils for hair growth
  5. Flaxseed: Prevents hair breakage, thinning and premature ageing
  6. Neem: Improves scalp health and maintains pH
  7. Mustard: A fast hair growth oil that boosts growth and conditions the hair
  8. Rosemary: An essential hair growth oil that aids hair fall control
  9. Argan: Tames frizzy hair and returns its sheen
  10. Brahmi: Strengthens hair roots and promotes hair growth
  11. Amla: Strengthens hair follicles and conditions hair
  12. Wheat germ: An important hair growth oil that reverses damage and curbs hair fall
  13. Hisbuscus rosa sinesus: Stimulates hair regrowth
  14. Cuscuta reflexa from seasame oil: Prevents hair loss
  15. Camphor: Improves blood circulation and controls stress

What goes into our nourishing mist:
This protective and conditioning mist consists of 6 botanical extracts including:

  1. Onion: Nourishes scalp for healthy hair growth
  2. Bhringhraj: Prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth
  3. Pea protein extract: Improves scalp health, promotes hair growth and increases volume
  4. Shankshpushpi: Improves hair texture and immunity of scalp
  5. Neem: Improves health of scalp and maintains its pH
  6. Brahmi: Enhances blood circulation thereby stimulating hair growth
  7. Behda: Prevents premature hair greying and promotes hair growth






This combo of our nourishing mist and hair oil for growth can be used by both men and women irrespective of age. We believe kids and adults alike can achieve healthy hair through the power of nature.

Yes, this combo contains a fast hair growth oil that is made up of ingredients that are known to stimulate dormant hair follicles and encourage new hair growth, even after severe hair loss. In particular, rosemary essential oil is one such hair growth oil that is most effective in reinvigorating dormant hair follicles.

All hair types, from straight to curly, and all types of scalps, from dry to oily, can benefit from mist and hair oil for hair growth. Our products have one simple aim – to restore your hair fitness through nature, irrespective of your hair type.

It is recommended to use the hair growth oil 2 to 3 times a week for best results. You can leave it overnight (or at least for 4 hours if not overnight) and wash off with a mild shampoo. The mist, on the other hand, must be used daily after towel drying your hair and before you style your hair. This routine will ensure timely deep nourishment and give your hair its daily dose of nutrients and protection.

With continued and consistent use of the hair growth oil and mist, you can expect to see initial results by 4 weeks. By 12 weeks, you can expect to see a 70% reduction in hair fall and dandruff. However, everyone reacts differently to the same treatment, so a slight variation in the time it will take for you to see the results may exist.

Yes, this combo of our mist and hair oil for hair growth helps in reducing hair fall by 70% over 12 weeks. Apart from that, it also prevents premature greying, reduces dandruff, tames frizziness and restores hair health and shine.

No, our hair growth oil and mist are free from any kind of harmful chemicals like minoxidil, mineral oil, silicones, parabens and synthetic colours and preservatives. Instead, they contain extracts from over 25 natural ingredients like pea protein extract, neem, onion, brahmi, avocado, jojoba and many more that provide long-term benefits to your hair.

No, all our products. Including this mist and hair growth oil, are 100% cruelty-free. We do not test our products on animals and instead rely on clinical trials and controlled tests with volunteers.

Many chemical treatments can leave the hair with an alkaline pH of 8 or 9, which is far from the optimal, acidic pH for your hair of 4.5 to 5.5. Nature Nuskha’s hair growth oil has a pH of 5.3, whole our hair fitness mist has a pH of 4.7, which make them effective in converting the environment of your scalp from alkaline to acidic. This is essential for ensuring that your scalp remains healthy and free from unwanted microbial activity.

SRM Ayurvedic College and Hospital, Bareilly has conducted clinical trials of both the nourishing mist and hair growth oil and confirmed its efficacy and efficiency in solving hair fall and dandruff problems.

When used consistently and in tandem, our hair growth oil and hair mist guarantee a 70% reduction in hair fall and dandruff over 12 weeks, as shown in our series of clinical trials

Using natural products that are known to aid hair growth instead of relying on harmful, chemical-laden products should help you in achieving your hair goals! Nature Nuskha’s fast hair growth oil and nourishing mist check those boxes, as they are enriched with multiple natural ingredients that speed up hair growth, the efficacy of which has been clinically proven by SRM Ayurvedic College and Hospital, Bareilly.

At Nature Nuskha, we strongly believe in effects without side effects. Our products simply benefit the long-term health of your hair and nothing else – no itching, dry scalps, burning or stinging.

65 reviews for Hair Growth Oil & Mist Combo for Hair Regrowth – 24×7 Hair Fitness Total Solution (60ml + 60ml)


    I have bought Nature Nuskha 24/7 Hair Fitness Total Solution about a month back and I have been using this regularly since then. Previously I was suffering from severe Hair fall and dandruff which after using Nature Nuskha 24/7 Hair Fitness Total Solution, it reduced substiancially.

    I am very satisfied with the product and recommend to people who have hair fall and dandruff problems to use this product which is a combo pack of Hair Fitness Oil Plus and Hair Fitness Nourishing Mist .I also learnt that Nature Nuskha Hair Fitness Onion shampoo has been recently launched which I intend to buy soon.

    Thanks Nature Nuskha for solving my hair fall and dandruff problem.

  2. Adhikari Sonal

    Using this product since 2020! So far It is having amazing results and it really helps in controlling and nourishing hair.
    The hair oil is that it is not at all sticky. I recommend this product on a positive note if you are suffering from hair fall issues.
    ideal to control hair fall

  3. Ram Nath

    I have been using this product for some time now.
    Well from the last 2 months of use, below sharing my experience with the product:
    I use it every night and get a shower in the morning.
    1. The oil is non greasy, and pretty light.
    2. Has very good pungent or awkward fragrance
    3. My hair doesn’t lump in together as with other hair oil products.
    4. Gives a pretty good shine
    5. It’s very helpful for dandruff, hairfall.
    6. Mist is very easy to apply during the day
    7. Keeps all day long protection

  4. Aakarshan M

    Nature Nuskha Total solution is a great combo of hair oil and mist for night protection and day and prtection of hair. Apply oil in the night and wash with shampoo in the monring. Then apply nourishing mist on the scalp and hair.
    – Reduced dandruff
    – Reduced hair fall
    – hair smooth and shiny

  5. Raghav Rathi

    Perfect oil for hair fall control and the mist is just awesome!!

  6. Urja P

    Hair Fitness Total Solution is the perfect combination of oil and mist.
    Its best for hair fall control and reduction of dandruff. It helped me reducing greying hair as well. You can use their oil plus in the night and after wash the next day apply the mist on hair. Very easy to use and really good results. This is a must use formula.

  7. Smiles

    Here’s my complete review after using it for about 10 days:

    Has reduced dandruff, hairfall
    The mist is absolutely non-oily. Can be used daily without hair feeling oily.
    Th bottles have two caps. Earlier I wasn’t sure of the point but as I continued using it, I realised that it prevents the bottles from becoming oily since oil doesn’t drip oj to the bottle.
    Because it’s solving his problem of dandruff, my teenaged son proactively brings the oil to me seeking a head massage daily. To me, this is nothing short of a miracle 😅


    The first impression about the product was that they smell. While we have gotten used to the smell of the oil, the mist takes a little more adapting.

    Overall review

    As a family, we have seen the oil solve our various hair problems. While the smell can be better, it is also a sign that the product is pure and doesn’t have artificial fragrances to mask it.

    The package says money back guarantee though I don’t know how that would work. We certainly didn’t need it. In fact, we ordered a second pack within 10 days of ordering the first one, since the whole family uses it regularly. Hopefully the products will soon be available in larger packing too.

    Certainly value for money. Go for it.

  8. Amit Prabhu

    This is probably the only hair growth product that has actually worked for me. I’ve tried many, but none gave results as this mist/oil combo from nature nushka has given. I can see visible hair growth and a considerable reduction in hairfall. Though it doesn’t help much in reducing greying. All in all worth a try for the amount you pay.

  9. Varun Attal

    I was having really bad hair fall since couple of months. I ordered my first combo pack in Feb this year. As directed I followed their regimen for around Seven weeks and everyone around me could see the difference as my hair was looking denser and even less grey hair. My hair fall has reduced and I also don’t have itchy scalp. It is a great hair fitness product easy to use.
    – There is no unpleasant smell as in many herbal oils.
    -The packaging has convenient dispensing nozzle so there is no messy spill.
    – The hair mist is a great product, unlike serums it’s light non greasy and easy to just spray. I apply it everyday.
    – The best thing is their product s are all natural with no harmful chemicals
    I would definitely recommend it to everyone, also I am on my second combo pack and surely continue using it.

  10. Hariom Kumar

    I used one pack only and got excellent result in hair fall problem

  11. Shubham Raheja

    Ensure you apply the oil evenly. Ensure you end the oil champi with applying a little oil on the hairline. That will help you notice the result. The oil worked well for me. I have been using natural products since 2 yrs now. This was my first purchase from this brand. Not bad….. Does the job…..

  12. Pawan

    Useful and Effective product..After using this oil,my hair growth was good and hair fall also reduced..M happy and Satisfied with this product .It’s value for money..

  13. Yatendra Kumar

    The product works very well. I use oil alternate day. My dandruff disappeared in three days. Hair fall almost stopped. Clove fragrance in the oil gives very soothing affect.

  14. niketa rathie

    Muz by for people looking for an hair fall control hair oil… Nature Nuskha is a very effective and a great oil for hairfall and Dandruff. I am using it very regularly and can see tremendous change in the texture of my hair as well.I will surely recommend the buyers who are looking for hair fall oil …try it.

  15. Sumit Rana

    Good And Excellent Qulaity Hair oil

  16. vrinda dhoot

    Nice hair oil..must give a try for healthy hair..

  17. Kintu Bihani

    Nature Nushka is by far one of the best oil for hair fall control , makes the roots stronger nd gives a beautiful shining texture

  18. Krishu

    I Heard abt Nauture Nuskha from a relative and i decided to use it. I ordered the hair fall control hair oil few days back and start using it. My hair fall problem decreased and hair are now shining. Hair is also smooth. Will be using it again and again.

  19. Anonymous



  20. Aniish Shah

    This is a good non sticky oil to prevent hair fall and dandruff. We purchased this hair fall control hair oil for myself as we both have dandruff and hairfall problems.. It has been 2 weeks that we have been using this oil and have found that the overall hair quality seems to have improved. Though the hair fall has not stopped completely, but within the two weeks of using we found that the quantity of hair fall has definitely reduced. Am sure with some more sustained usage the hair fall will be completely stopped.

  21. Rajesh

    I bought this product for my brother’s bald patches. I asked him to see doctor but he is very adamant and refused. I finally bought this hair fitness oil thinking he won’t say no to it. He applied it on his bald patches… and after two weeks of regular use, we can notice small strands of hair regrowing. We are excited to see long term use of the product.

    Highly recommended for male bald patches. One of the best oil for hair fall control and hair growth.

  22. Dilpreet Singh

    This is the product to invest in during this pandemic!

    Since I am working from home, I thought to invest in self care… I bought this hair fall control hair oil three weeks back and I haven’t found anything to complain about.

    Buy this product only if you are patient enough to wait to see results. No product will show instant results. I have tried several brands, products and solutions for my hair fall and one thing I have learnt the hard way is that u have 2 wait at least three months to notice difference easily.

    Products that show early results are actually short lived results.

    Must buy. Nothing questionable about the product

  23. Manohar

    The mist is a game changer. I love the mist.. its works like a serum and a post wash conditioner… its not very heavy on the head. The product is showing gradual results. The size of the bottles make it very easy to carry and store. Not expensive for the benefits it provides.

  24. Aniruddh

    This product is very good and effective.shows results very fast,non Greasy product. Totally natural and price effective.simply loved this anti dandruff mist.

  25. Teena

    Natural Product nd Effective Very nice product…its reduces hair fall..and improves quality of’s total value of’s an ayurvedic product so no side effects..

  26. Chirag

    Great product with value for money as well as its ayurvedic, nourishes your hair well and helps reduction of hair fall and greying of hair. Try it to believe it..!


    Lovs the product

  28. Zaheer Abbas Virani

    Hair Growth Increases a lot. Worth buying this product. It really works.

  29. Rashmi Malpani

    After using a lot of products… Finally nature nuskha has helped to stop my hairfall and dandruff with this anti dandruff mist. Hair looks shiny.

  30. Geet

    The mist is a game changer. I love the mist.. its works like a serum and a post wash conditioner… its not very heavy on the head. The product is showing gradual results. The size of the bottles make it very easy to carry and store. Not expensive for the benefits it provides.🥰

  31. chintal s.

    Good product. the ingredients are natural and organic and good for hair care. I have been using it for the past few weeks and it has shown good effect. Hair care with mist during the day time is good concept nonsticky hair whole day but still hair gets nourishment is a good idea

  32. anurag

    Complete hair care product giving allrounded care!! I have been using the product for last 2 months and there has been considerable change in the health of my hair, hair fall has stopped and there is shine in the hair, the anti dandruff mist is a great product for day use, as it gives nourishment during the day and keeps the hair set for the whole day

  33. Drishtant bisht

    Honest review!
    Natural, herbal, no chemicals.
    Indian anti dandruff mist
    Serum, leave-in conditioner etc .. all in one.
    Not very expensive.

    Not for impatient ppl

    If have not tried natural products before, then today is the day you do!

    The best thing about natural products is that you don’t need to see hair type or climate or condition. It works well in all circumstances.. I got this product as a gift from my bf who is a staunch supporter of natural products. I am so swoon by the results and the overall feel that I am also switching to natural products

  34. Ahesan Chaudhary

    Product works as advertised. Reduction in hair fall can be seen from the first day of usage. New hair growth is a long term process so it will take some time to see the results. But unlike other hair care products i did not observe any side effects. The anti dandruff mist has no side effects. Normally hair styling products leave our hair damaged but nothing like that observed with this product.

  35. Shanu

    Firstly the packaging was fantastically good and the product is excellent. I am literally searching for natural and herbal think for my hairs care and yeah finally i got “Nature Nuskha” I used anti dandruff mist 1st and it’s nice… oil is yet to use. I want to recommend all for this product who really want better care for there hairs without any damages must go for this…. only one suggestion for the seller to the oil container should not be as a spray..but it’s ok I’m happy with the product… Happy customer…surely more purchase from my side.😊 Thnks for the timely delivery🌸

  36. Suman Semwal

    Not worth the money and doesn’t seem to be doing what its intended for

  37. Franny

    Over hyped and overpriced!

  38. Pradnya Bafna

    After a persistent phase of severe hairfall it was hard to believe that I could regain the volume of my hair. I have been extremely fortunate to get to know about the Nature Nuskha Hair Fitness Solution which made Hair Fall a history for me. My hair now adds charm to my personality and confidence within me. After lot of trials and errors I have found a 100 percent natural and a result oriented Hair Solution. Thank you Nature Nuskha !!! You truly Cared !!

  39. Hiren Sompura

    Using 24 x 7 Nature Nuskha Hair Fitness Total solution for 2 weeks now and already my dandruff has reduced. It also gives a smooth feel and shine to the hair. Love it!!

  40. Happy Patel

    My Younger brother was almost turning bald but 24 x 7 Nature Nuskha Hair Fitness Total solution helped to cover his bald patches and grow stronger hair

  41. Yasna Jadeja

    The 24 x 7 Nature Nuskha Hair Fitness Total solution worked like a boon for me, where there were 100s of hair in my brush, now there is none. Zero Hair Fall! I am shocked and pleased with the results.

  42. Gaurav Mehta

    I have been using Nature Nuskha Oil Plus and Nature Nuskha Nourishing Mist from last 4 months. I am highly satisfied with the product, result and recommend all to use the product for following benefits:

    -Reduced my hair fall considerably by above 50%

    -Premature greying of my hair has slowed

    -Dandruff has almost gone

    -Hair remain shiny and non-entangled

    -The product is non-sticky and easy to apply from dispenser of bottle

  43. Mukesh Gaur

    I have used Nature Nuskha Hair Fitness Total Solution for 6 weeks
    regularly .I have benefitted as follows:
    1.Premature Hair falling has stopped
    2.Dandruff finished
    3.Hair Growth is visible.

  44. Shashi Bansal

    “I have used Nature Nuskha Oil Plus and Nature Nuskha Nourishing Mist,they are good. I am using these regularly. I observed the following benefits:

    1.My Hair remains set for the day and after using mist,it shines.

    2.Hair fall has stopped

    3.Hair thinning has stopped

    4.Dandruff is finish. Nature Nuskha as the name suggests is the complete natural nuskha for the hair care. I got rid of my dandruff and hair dryness after just 3-4 applications .Kudos to Team Nature Nuskha “

  45. Anjali Bisht

    “An Honest review!

    Pros for buying:

    Natural, herbal, no chemicals.
    Indian hair fall control oil and mist
    Serum, leave-in conditioner etc .. all in one.
    Not very expensive.
    No capitalism


    Not for impatient ppl
    Expensive for the quantity.

    Buy If you have not tried natural products before, then today is the day you do!

    The best thing about natural products is that you don’t need to see hair type or climate or condition. It works well in all circumstances.. I got this product as a gift from my bf who is a staunch supporter of natural products. I am so swoon by the results and the overall feel that I am also switching to natural products.”

  46. RV

    Recommending as I am getting results. The oils and the mist definitely hve a smell that will take you sum time to accept. It is nt very strong. But definitely noticeable if this is the first time u r using a herbal product.
    But overall, the oil and mist is nice. I could see some new hair grow on my hairline.

  47. harish

    Priceless..Nature Nuskha Hair Fitness Total solution..Best hair care product available in the market.Removes dandruff and hair fall..!Economical and easy to use..!Good Packaging..!made from natural ingredients..

  48. Shafiq

    It is value for money..the product is very effective results can bee seen in few days itself..loved this product..and it is very thick..

  49. Rashmi Raut

    Super effective products from nature nuskha, just gave try for 2 times till now but can see notable reduction in dandruff, my scalp is healing, the oil and mist combination is super, just use these 2 products and you are done, no harsh chemicals, packaging and handling experience 10/10. Go for it friends without a second thought.

  50. Akhil Gupta

    “This 24/7 total hair fitness total solution is so amazing it worked for my hairs really well.
    It controlled my hairfall completely now my hairs feels so strong , healthier and shinier …
    I am totally satisfied with the product in this price range .We all know regular oiling is the only thing that makes our hairs more healthier and the brand “”nature nuskha”” products have goodness of Ayurveda and nature like flaxseed oil ,onion,hibiscus,argon oil that are magical ingredients for our hairs ….
    Its totally organic and made in india. So, why not give it a chance…”

  51. Book worm

    Awesome product, loved the feel of it! Will buy again!

  52. mihir shah

    Product is awesome. Both mist nd oil is good. It helped in reducing the dandruff nd make the hair more silky. Must buy product.

  53. Swati R.

    Nature Nushka has done wonders to my hair in few applications!! The non greasy oil really compliments the mist!!! Would highly recommend everyone to try this product for better hair texture, Shine & volume!!!

  54. Hetal Shah

    using this anti dandruff hair oil from last 2 weeks & i found it very good. Using mist regularly & oil twice a week. found it good. my hair fall is reduced. Though smell of the product is little different. hope fully will be effective in longterm.

  55. rajesh maheshwari

    I have been using it and the oil is very effective , the smell too is good, the mist is giving volume to the hair , i woud recommend to try this product , its very nicely packed .
    And the best part about it is that its chemical free.

  56. Anonymous

    Me and my grand mother are using Nature Nuskha Hair fitnes total solution for last three weeks . We found product to be very effective as my hair fall and dandruff has reduced substantially and density of hair have also improve. I also could see some hair regrowth. I am using both the product regularly as suggested in literature of the product.

  57. Anonymous

    My hair has been falling out like crazy due to stress. Every time I brush or wash my hair, huge clumps would fall out. I started using Nature Nuskha 24 X 7 Hair fitness total solution and I have noticed less hair falling out lately. It makes what little hair I have left feel soft and look shiny. It’s still too early to tell, but I’m extremely hopeful I regain some volume!

  58. vaishali

    Nature Nuska was recommended by my family friend to me.I had hairfall issue and my 7yrs old daughter had thin hairs.We both used Nature Nuskha mist as well as oil for about one month.We are very happy with the results.My hairfall has decreased tremendously and my daughters hairs are also improving.Many thanks for recommending the product.I will give a five star to it.😊✌🏻

  59. Pritesh Savla

    This hair fitness total solution is different but effective product.. I always look out for natural products, chemical free products. one of my friend suggested nature nuskha as he used it for few weeks & he found it working for him. i also ordered it on amazon. both oil & mist has unique smell. using this from last two weeks & found that using mist in day time & 2-3 times using oil in night. my dandruff is gone. & mist gives hair a different feel. looking forward for good results.

  60. Anonymous

    It is a very useful product and has shown results. My father has been using Nature Nuskha’s Oil Plus and Nourishing Mist for last three months regularly. Results are amazing. He was nearing baldness before he started using this product but now not only his hair fall is completely stopped but there is visible hair growth. He recommends this product for hair fall.

  61. Aditya Chheda

    I have been using the product for the last 20 days. What I have found that hair fall has stopped and there is shine in the hair, I use anti dandruff hair oil 2-3 days a week & mist almost every day. The mist is a great innovation, as it is compact & spray-based, one can use it anywhere, anytime.

    Overall good product for people like me who believe & prefer in natural & organic products.

  62. Anonymous

    “Received the product on time as per the amazon delivery schedule.

    The packaging of the product is elegant and details all benefits of the product nicely. The bottles and pumps have a premium feel.

    The mist is very good. It’s water based and hence non-sticky and doesn’t make the hair feel oily or hard like after using a gel. The hair remains soft and yet can be styled easily. The hair stays in place through the day.

    The hair growth oil is very soothing. With regular usage hair fall has reduced considerable and I also see a different lustre/ shine on my hair.

    All in all great product. Must try.”

  63. Neha Bhagat

    First of all, the packaging is simply amazing and the product comes tight sealed to avoid any spillage. Absolutely loving this product from Nature Nuskha. I have been using this product for more than a month and seeing a positive improvement in my hair texture and my hairfall have considerable reduced and dandruff problem is solved to a great extent. I love this product and would recommend it totally. I am totally satisfied by this 24×7 hair fitness total fitness solution.

  64. Aiyu

    I have been using Nature Nuskha,24×7 Hair Fitness Total Solution With Natural Ingredients for 10 days now and I found it very good. The packaging of the product is really nice ensuring that the oil and the mist do not leak. The oil is thick and non-sticky and has helped me gain the volume of my hair. The mist makes my hair soft after the wash. It doesn’t have any side effects so far. I would definitely recommend this product.

  65. Vidhisha

    A must buy- post pregnancy!!!! I have been using this product for almost 2 months now … and I realised it is super worth to write a review .. so that others can also benefit from this awesome product !!!
    Post delivery I had heavy hair loss and I was desperately looking for a solution when I came across nature Nushka !! This hair growth oil not only helped lessen my hair loss but also after applying it , it felt extremely light .. it is non sticky and after hair wash my hair felt extremely soft.. it comes with a hair mist which can be used daily and is much better than the serums I have tried in the past!!! Over all a must buy!!

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