5 Minutes of Daily Hair Care Routine keeps Hair Fit and Healthy

5 Minutes of Daily Hair Care Routine keeps Hair Fit and Healthy

The Routine can defined as the usual order and way in which you regularly do things. Many of you must be familiar with work routine, health care routine, skin care routine etc but in this hefty working hours and demanding life often the hair gets ignored. Your hair is certainly the most important feature of your look impressive factor. It offers you style, texture, and the ability to look to your age if not younger. How many times have you looked in the mirror with a good hairstyle or a great haircut and felt more confident and happy? That’s because good hair can make you look impressive. Your daily routine should start with an equally important routine: Your Hair Care which doesn’t take much time if it is done on regular basis.

While your daily hair care may not give you a lot of control over the look and feel, the effort you put into it makes a big difference. This “home-based” routine suggested involving organic products and tiny measures that are easy to practice and effective can bring a major difference in quality and health of your hair within weeks.

What Is The Basic Haircare Routine ?
An efficacious haircare routine involves the four basic steps — Cleanse, Condition, Comb and Oil

For making them more perfect, one should condition, moisturize, provide nutrients and protect them by using organic products composed of natural ingredients like Vitamin E, Bhringraj, pea protein extracts etc.

Protect them by using cap or covering them while being outside for a long time and get your hair done from professional once a month, according to your convenience but ensure that as much less as possible chemical products are used on your hair.

To forge a flawless haircare routine with any hair type, it needs a dedicated and disciplined approach because it needs consistent efforts. Our experts at Nature Nushka have crafted a simplest, easy-to-follow haircare regimen using the best products that are 100% natural and free from any harmful chemicals.

Steps to Build a Perfect Hair Care Routine for

Step 1: Cleansing

The first and foremost thing to achieve healthy hair is to keep them clean. The washed hair and clean scalp prevents accumulation of sebum at the hair follicles to avoid stickiness and dandruff. Using Shampoo with right ingredients that too from natural sources helps in overall well-being of hair.

Avoid using Shampoos with harsh chemicals: Using shampoos with harsh chemicals not only removes the dust/dirt but also removes natural oil which is being generated by our scalp and is essential for our scalp health. It is therefore advised to use the mild shampoo based on natural ingredients without silica, paraben, sulphates and mineral oil. While washing the hair, Mild shampoo though gives less foam but it is good for the health of your scalp and hair roots as it doesn’t strips the natural oil and makes your scalp and dry.

We recommend: Depending upon your hair needs, you should select the shampoo with right ingredients .The protein rich Onion shampoo of Nature Nuskha specially made for strong and voluminous hair whereas the Bhringraj shampoo is designed to make your hair long and shiny. The odour of both the shampoos are pleasant and User Friendly. The Onion shampoo has the extracts of Onion, Peas, Touch Me Not, Shikakai, Brahmi, Neem and Aloe Vera whereas Bhringraj shampoo has the extracts of Bhringraj, Peas, Touch me Not, Berpatti, Shankhpushpi, Amla and Aloe Vera.
Step 2-Condition the Hair: Normally the available Conditioners are used after the shampoo during the bath and are washed off within a minute or a half after applying it. These Conditioners though make your hair feel soft but are not able to impart full conditioning benefits and are unable to moisturize hair roots to the extent it is desired.

We Recommend: The Nourishing Hair Mist of Nature Nuskha which is being suggested to apply on towel dry hair provide the conditioning and moisturizing effect throughout the day (24 x 7) as it is a live on your hair product. Its anti-microbials ingredients disinfects the scalp ,thereby effectively removes the dandruff and itching .It also protects the hair shaft from environmental pollutants and keeps the Hair organized.

Step 3: Combing and Styling
After a good night’s sleep or a hair wash or at any time of the day one should comb their hair .Combing hair helps in improving blood circulation which helps in improving the Scalp’s health. Combing get rid of dead skin cells, sebum and other residue and makes sure all the natural oil are distributed from tip to the roots of hair. Style your hair in the manner you want but while styling hair use of hair dryer should be as minimum as possible .The temperature of hair dryer should be luke warm. Also avoid direct hot air to hair roots

Use Wooden Combs: One should use a wooden comb (preferably one made from rosewood) since it is anti-static, unlike plastic combs, which tend to make your hair frizzy, brittle, and prone to damage. Furthermore, wooden combs don’t pull on your hair or scratch your scalp during detangling.

Never start brushing hair from roots: For a damage-free experience, comb your hair in sections and starting from mid-hair. Avoid combing Wet hair as they are highly susceptible to breakage. Always make sure to air-dry or blow-dry hair before using a comb.
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