• “Make every day a Good Hair Day with Nature Nuskha.”

  • Our Nushka for Women’s Empowerment

    We’re offering a multi-faceted program that empowers women with financial, social, and intellectual growth.

    Boost your confidence and grow your social circle while experiencing financial freedom.

    Work from anywhere, anytime and enjoy a secure and stable income.

    Give wings to your economical, social & intellectual independence.

Ready to become a self-made entrepreneur and pave the way for a successful future?

  • How it Works?

    • Fill out an enrolment form on the website
    • Appear for the online interview
    • Once selected, get complete training from experts
    • Start selling our natural projects
    • Pay in advance and get all products home delivered with free delivery
  • Investment

    It’s essentially a no-investment program where you get excellent returns for all the funds you use for the brand.

    • To start with purchase Rs. 10,000 worth of products at the discount of 30% i.e. You will to pay only Rs. 7000
    • As your monthly purchase amount increases you get higher discount as per company policy.
    • Get a demonstration and trial kit worth Rs. 1500 to use in your sales pitch
    • We also promote you on social media & other platforms for first 3 months with th budget of Rs. 5500 as per company policy.
    • Further we also allocate additional promotional budget to the extent of 3% of your sales of the previous month.
    • By contacting just 10 people per day, you can contact 300+ customers per month
    • At a success rate of 1 out of 5, you’ll be selling products worth Rs. 18,000 monthly & start earning Rs. 5400/-
  • Marketing Support

    We will give you a budget of Rs. 5500 for 3 months that you can use for online and offline promotions.

    • Conduct events or exhibitions in your society
    • Participate in local exhibitions
    • Host small get-togethers at home to sell more products
    • Use the budget to run Facebook ads or Instagram Paid Promotions

    We will also provide brochures and other product literature in soft copies to all our entrepreneurs to help you in the sales process. These collaterals will showcase the key differentiators of Nature Nushka products that make us a successful brand for hair fitness.

  • Rewards

    • Start earning Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7000 per month within 3 months
    • Multiply your earnings from the fourth month based on your skills and efforts
    • Enhance your entrepreneurial skills with our online sessions and training
    • Leverage the power of repeat purchases
    • Earn Sustainable income being your own boss.