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100% natural herbal products

Free from synthetic colours and preservatives

Clinically tested

70% reduction in hair fall and dandruff over 12 weeks

Effect without side effects

Proven results without harmful side effects

FDA approved

Effective and safe for use

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Natural Herbal Products by Nature Nuskha

As more and more people are being riddled with premature hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalps and greying, the need for fast solutions that fit an even faster lifestyle often compels us to reach for the first product that fits the bill. That accessibility doesn’t always come with what’s best for the fitness of your hair. Chemically infused products that contain harmful ingredients like mineral oils, parabens, sulphates and silicones may seem to be doing a job well done, but over time, they deteriorate your hair’s health to its core.


Nature Nuskha aims to provide natural herbal products that promote the fitness of your hair through the power of nature. Our carefully selected botanical extracts from over 25 natural ingredients strengthen your scalp and hair shaft while imparting excellent conditioning and protection qualities. So why not leave the damaging chemicals on the shelf and choose to nurture through nature?

What makes us different

We believe that holistic solutions derived from the power of nature are essential to solving problems in a fast-paced world.

We believe in creating natural herbal products that better the health of your hair and nothing else. Our products leave no side effects like irritation, rashes or stinging.

Our products consist of 100% natural ingredients that are carefully derived from a strict quality control process. These extracts are then blended into unique and effective formulations to create our range of natural herbal products that provide the best for your hair.

Our products aren’t just enriched with one or two natural extracts but are packed with the goodness of more than 25 botanical ingredients. Specific combinations of these ingredients are formulated for each of our products to tackle all your hair worries.

Natural herbal products

Products Summary

Hair Fitness Shampoo

Applied For : Hair Fall Treatment, Helps Hair Regrowth, Reduces Dandruff, Prevents Greying, Adds Shine, Reduces Frizz, Slky Hair, All types of vitamins A, C, E, and K, to boost your hair growth, To Keep scalp clean and balanced, Great sources of protein and provides massive amounts of nutrition to hair growth, Balancing the pH,

Hair Fitness Oil Plus

Applied For : Damage Repair, Hair Volumizing, Daily Care, Nourishment & Moisturization, Dryness Care, Anti-hair Fall, Frizz Control, Dryness Care.
Hair Condition : Permed Hair, Damaged Hair, Chemically Treated Hair

Hair Fitness Mist Plus

Applied For : Prevent Dandruff and sticky hair problems, Prevent Hair Loss, Provide vital nutrients, Promote Hair Growth, Scalp Protection and Moisturization of our hair.
Hair Condition : Oily Hairs, Dry or Frizzy Hairs, Dull Hairs. etc

Hair Fitness Combo

Applied For : This day-to-night product combination of our Hair Growth oil, Nourishing Hair Mist and Hair Shampoo works in harmony to nurture your hair back to health. To vitamins, anti-oxidants and proteins like pea protein extract, onion, avocado oil, neem, brahmi, and many more, this hair fitness combo is bound to give you healthy, strong and shiny hair.