Hair Mist for All-round Hair Nourishment

Hair Mist for All-round Hair Nourishment

Fall in love with Not-so-Ordinary and Fully Natural Hair Mist

In these modern times, everyday life has become about trends, a trend starts…everyone follows the trend and according to the trend there comes a product and boom, every soul gets into the race of owning that product. Beauty World is a vast ocean of products, there are hundreds of brands delivering thousands of products to people every day but very few brands are inventive, those few don’t copy but innovate the product. Such innovative products give the public their Aha moment. Nature Nushka has come up with a distinctive multi-beneficial Hair mist. Before we know more about Nature Nushka’s Anti-Dandruff Hair Fitness Nourishing Mist, Firstly let’s just get familiar with ordinary hair mists available on the market

What is Hair Mist, and Where it is used ?
Generally, An ordinary hair mist is a sort of hair perfume that is free from heavy chemicals and is formulated to be worn on your hair without making them dry or frizzy. It keeps hair fresh looking and is budget-friendly.

Hair mists are multi-taskers, they can be used to impart scent to hair and also used for styling. Next time when you are ready to go out and have a desire to make your hair feel fresher and fragrant all day long you should treat yourselves with a dedicated hair mist. Understanding the necessity of people We’ve come up with a dual-purpose Anti-Dandruff Hair Fitness Nourishing Mist which is the flawless merger of styling and nourishment.

Nature Nuskha’s Hair Fitness Nourishing Mist
Bringing a hair mist into play is always a better option, it can be your best friend at a times, for example: if you’re on a road trip and your hair became dry and dull, it can bring them back to life. We agree that’s impressive but ordinary hair mists are helpless against dandruff, scalp protection, hair damage repair, etc

From common sufferings we can say, you too must have experienced the pain of oily, weighed-down hair or the dryness/frizziness the hair achieves after a handful of hours of styling them while outing. With All things considered and well-researched, we invented a magnificent remedy for hair nourishment as well as hair styling. Nature Nuskha’s Hair Fitness Nourishing Mist is multi-beneficial and formulated to eliminate the torments of using multiple hair products for accomplishing good hair.

Composition of Nature Nuskha’s Hair Fitness Nourishing Mist
Every single ingredient of hair fitness nourishing mist is fully natural/ extracted from a natural source. Several ingredients added are quite significant and have been mentioned in several ancient texts like Ayurveda, Garudpurana, etc They are the ancient herbs that have been used for many past centuries for achieving and maintaining healthy hair. To know more about the ingredients, refer to the table below,



Pea protein extract

Improves scalp health, helps in promote hair growth, And increases the volume.


(Allium cepa)

Nourishes the scalp for healthy hair growth, the juice of onion can be helpful in some way for hair loss and eliminates dandruff in the hair.


(Eclipta Alba)

Helps in Preventing hair loss, promotes the growth of hair, and supports the circulation of blood to the hair scalp and its roots.


(Ziziphus mauritiana)

Eliminates bacterial growth in the hair and destroys the increased dryness.


(Terminalia bellirica)

Prevents premature hair graying and facilitates hair growth


(Azadirachta indica)

Improves the health of the scalp and maintains its pH

Orange peel
Conditions hair and reduces hair fall
(Elettaria cardamomum)
Nourishes hair follicles and enhances hair sheen
Natural glycerine
Moisturises and conditions hair and scalp
(Bacopa monnieri)
Enhances blood circulation and stimulates hair growth
Benefits of Nature Nuskha’s Hair Fitness Nourishing Mist
Every property our hair mist exhibits is clinically proven by experts and has gotten superlative reviews.
Non-Sticky and Anti-dandruff mist: In reality, Dandruff and sticky hair problems are, for sure as irritating as they are shown in advertisements. The Nourishing Hair Mist by Nature Nushka is composed with absolute care so that after applying it your hair can be free from dandruff and without any oily, sticky, or heavy residue.
Strengthens hair roots and aids hair-fall control: Usually, hair loss is caused either by lack of nutrition or stress-induced. The regular use of NatureNushka’s wholly natural and nutritious hair mist provides necessary nourishment and puts a permanent stop to hair loss. Besides that, the ingredients like Bhringraj, onion, etc function innately and strengthen hair roots, and also promote hair growth.
Tames Frizzy Hair, and Restores Sheen: One might think or get confused about our mist as a hair oil but it isn’t a hair oil. It is completely non-sticky. Applying Nourishing hair mist can avoid frizziness that occurs and additionally gifts back your hair the needed luster, softness, and shine.
Provide vital nutrients: Lack of nutrients and vitamins can cause irreparable damage to our hair, and intermittently our body fails to provide them to hair. Our wholly natural nourishing hair mist fulfills every nutritional demand of your hair making them healthy.
Scalp Protection and Moisturization: The environment we live in is a wonderful place to be but as urbanization is increasing day by day it is getting polluted, with harmful and unwanted pollutants which affect our overall health as well as our hair health. Keeping away the scalp away from the environmental pollutants and moisturizing the scalp effectively NatureNushka’s Nourishing hair mists protect our hair flawlessly.
We believe it is hard to find another budget-friendly and multi-beneficial product like this!
Get familiar with how to use our Nourishing Hair Mist and learn more about the organic and naturally produced hair products you should have in your hair care routine. Join our cause of nurture through nature and figure out the customized and perfectly organic hair care routine with zero side effects. We would be glad to slide into your DM’s and be a part of your social media feed. Follow us on our social media handles and subscribe to our newsletter.
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