What is hair mist, and how does it works in hair fall and dandruff reduction?

What is hair mist, and how does it works in hair fall and dandruff reduction?

We all have heard about the importance of using oil for hair fall and dandruff. However, how often can you oil your hair? Once, twice or a maximum of thrice a week. Plus, in most instances, we keep oil only for one to two hours, rarely overnight and then wash it off. Even the best hair oil can only work wonders for some time. However, your hair needs nourishment and care round the clock. Just like we need to take care of our body throughout the day – exercising, eating well, sleeping right, etc., our hair needs 24x7 care too. In such cases, a hair mist is a boon for hair loss prevention and control of dandruff.

What is a Hair Mist?

A hair mist is a leave-on hair fitness product made with all-natural ingredients to bring you the best benefits. Made with herbal extracts of neem, pea protein, bhringraj, berpatti, onion, glycerine and more, it helps your hair get natural care and nourishment throughout the day. With deep conditioning of your scalp, it can also prevent breakage and control your frizz.

If you’ve been noticing a flaky scalp or are suffering from mild hair fall, the best treatment is to use all-natural products that offer care and nourishment throughout the day. You can start with oiling at night using the best oil for hair fall and dandruff, and wash your hair in the morning with an anti-dandruff shampoo.

Next, use a hair mist on your hair – spray it evenly on your roots of tresses and do a light massage so that product is evenly spread all over scalp and tresses and let its magic work throughout the day. You can apply this hair mist daily after bath on towel dry hair when going to college, work, or even chilling at home over the weekend.

How Does it Help?

The non-sticky and lightweight formula takes just a minute to apply, and its effects last throughout the day. It increases the strength of your hair and works as an anti-hair fall treatment. In addition, it is a vegan, made-in-India product that keeps your scalp healthy and clean, contributing to control the dandruff. Nature Nuskha’s hair mist is also clinically proven to be an effective hair growth product by the SRM Ayurvedic College and Hospital in Bareilly.

All the vital nutrients in the mist nourish your scalp and hair without any oily or heavy feeling and with no sticky residue, making your hair shine and look great throughout the day. Also, you don’t need to wash the mist every day; it amplifies the texture of your tresses and protects you from environmental pollutants and harsh weather conditions, especially when you step out in the sun or the rain.

Using this mist with our anti-dandruff shampoo and the best hair oil accelerates results and creates a great hair fall control regime.

Add Nature Nuskha’s hair mist to your hair fitness regime and experience the difference in just a few months. When you look for natural hair fall remedies, make sure you choose natural hair products without any chemicals like parabens, sulphates or mineral oil to get the best effect for your precious hair without any side effect.

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