Handle with Care – Natural Hair Care Regimen for Changing Weather

Handle with Care – Natural Hair Care Regimen for Changing Weather

Weather one of the “Never Predictable” factors of human lives. Now a days we see that the weather condition keeps on changing very frequently. Sometimes it’s too hot and sunny, sometimes its calm and cloudy. Sometimes it’s too dry and rusty while sometimes it’s too sticky and humid. And the timespan of this change is too short for skin to accommodate with the change. Every climate changes affects in a certain way on the skin and skin takes some time to respond to these changes. But during the time of transition from Winter to Summer or Summer to Monsoon this response time of skin does not get synchronised and hence the adverse effects are seen on your body.

Hair are also not excused from this. The skin of scalp is even more sensitive as it is under the protection layer of hair. Due to sudden drop or rise in temperature it loses the strength of roots of hair triggering more hair fall during climate change. In dry weather hair loses their shine and life resulting into dry, dull lifeless texture. In excessive humidity, dust and pollution particles get saturated near the roots of hair on the scalp and can cause not just the hair loss but also some severe dermatological hazards. So it becomes a crucial need to establish a healthy hair care regimen in such changing weather.

What else can be better option than going natural for creating a daily care routine. You can select simple organic ingredients present in your kitchen like Extra virgin coconut oil (Edible coconut oil) is one of the best component in hair strengthening. Coconut milk has been scientifically proven as natural conditional. Rice Water containing fair amount of natural starch gives an even bounce to your hair. Fenugreek Seeds Soaked in water/milk overnight and then massaging its fine paste in the roots of your hair prevents premature hair loss in men. Onion Paste mixed with Coconut Water is also a crucial solution for hair loss. If you are working professional and due to your busy schedule you are not able to find out the time work on these home made ingredients, no worries ! you can choose from a wide range of organic products range available in the market. Like Nature Nuskha’s Shampoo, Hair Oils, Hair cleanser, Hair Mists and Hair Masks which are made from 100% Natural Ingredients. That can help you establish a perfect natural hair care regimen in this drastically changing weather.

Along with using right product for solving issues, you can implement some simple tips in your lifestyle like using scarfs while travelling, not rubbing the tips of the hair too harshly, consuming adequate amount of water and balanced diet. So that in spite of exposing to drastic weather changes you can Handle your Hair with a Great Care
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