Top 5 Natural Winter Hair Care Tips

Top 5 Natural Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter brings chilly weather and cozy days, and it’s a great time to enjoy the upcoming wedding and holiday season. But what it also brings is dryness. Even people with generally normal or combination skin can notice their skin becoming flakier, and so they resort to moisturizing regimens to keep it supple. More often than not, similar care for your scalp is skipped.

Winter hair care needs to be an essential part of your daily routine as the cold sets in. The dry air which has lower humidity can cause your scalp and hair strands to dry out and become brittle. If you’re already riddled with dandruff and hair fall, winters could make it worsen.

But don’t worry! There’s always something you can do to protect your hair from the cold, whipping winds, and dryness. Here are our top 5 winter hair care tips:

Winter hair care tip #1: Oil your hair frequently
Massaging oil into your hair is probably one of the best winter hair care tips. Some of the best hair oils enriched with Vitamin E and protein that are good in winters include avocado, jojoba, argan, and more that penetrate your skin and moisturize your scalp from within. Our Oil Plus contains these oils, and many other natural ingredients that give your hair nutrients that are essential to keep your scalp supple and hair roots strong through the winter.

Winter hair care tip #2: Switch to a milder shampoo for frequent use
Using chemical heavy shampoos isn’t a great alternative for your hair in any circumstance, especially in the winters. Using mild and natural herbal shampoos that are enriched with conditioning ingredients and herbal extracts of amla, shikakai, bhringraj, aloe vera and others for winter is recommended. This ensures that your scalp and hair strands aren’t stripped of their much-needed moisture. Also, try using colder water on your hair because warmer water tends to leave your pores open for longer, allowing more moisture to escape. The cold water constricts the pores and keeps the moisture locked inside.

Winter hair care tip #3: Tend to your wet hair after washing
Winters require you to take extra good care of your hair. Wet hair is more prone to damage, so make sure you patiently air dry your hair before you step out for the day. Refrain from vigorously rubbing your hair with a towel as it may further tangle and damage your hair. Once dried, give it an extra little something for an added kick of nutrition, such as spraying it with our Nourishing Mist. It contains many protective and conditioning ingredients that give you the benefits of both a serum and that of the best hair oil for winter, all without leaving any sticky residue.

Winter hair care tip #4: Avoid styling your hair with heating tools
Heating tools damage your hair no matter the weather. They lead to split ends, brittle hair, dryness, and breakage which can worsen the adverse effects of the cold winters on your hair. Avoid hair dryers and opt for air drying your hair under the fan. Avoid curlers and straighteners and tend to the natural texture of your hair. Use a wooden comb in place of heated brushes to reduce the static of your hair, reducing breakage.

Winter hair care tip #5: Trim your hair frequently
Trimming your hair encourages healthier growth, increases the volume of your hair, and makes it healthier by getting rid of split ends and damages hair. Since winters may lead to more dry and damaged hair than usual, it’s a good idea to trim off that hair from time to time to maintain the overall health and look of your hair.
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